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  • DIY Circular Natural Stone Border for Formal Gardens

    If you’re a fan of formal landscaping design ideas then as well as looking for balanced and symmetrical elements in your garden you will also appreciate features that are low maintenance. There’s not much point in designing your borders and beds in such a way that they’re only neat and tidy for 5 minutes before you have to tend to them again!

    Searching around for a suitable brick or block landscape border project that would be fairly easy to install and very easy to manage and care for we came across this great diy project from Susan Snyder. Susan has put together a great step by step guide to creating your own natural stone circular border for the tress in your garden. Once finished off with mulch your left with a very attractive and tidy look which won’t have you pulling up grass a weeds every week.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this post and follow the link to read and follow the complete guide on Susan’s blog.

    Before Natural stone pieces paver base sand Masonary mortar Profinish landscaping brick landscaping border project illustration sand as a base placing the bricks placing the natural stones mulch and stone border Finished circular stone border

    To see the rest of the photos for this project and to learn the full step by step process go to http://susan-snyder.blogspot.com/2014/06/diy-stone-landscape-border-1.html

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