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  • How to Organize A Garage For a Real Family!

    Have you ever wondered if the beautifully organized garage images you see on garage storage solution sites are realistic? I mean, do people really manage to live with everything tucked away in made-to-measure cabinets, where everything has its place and there’s no mess at all?

    And by people – I mean to a certain degree – people with kids. ‘Cos sure, if it’s just a couple of grown-ups – maybe with a dog – you could expect to keep all those sleek fitted cupboards completely tidy. But bring a few kids into the equation, and your neatly ordered space soon turns into a clutter-infested disaster!

    But there is a way to encourage your kids to help keep the garage space tidy. Have a look at the fantastic makeover Monica Mangin accomplished, turning part of her garage into a multi-purpose mudroom area where her kids can now not only easily and neatly dump their shoes and school bags, but also showcase their artwork and keep school notes handy all in one place. Pretty neat!

    mudroom makeover1

    mudroom makeover2

    mudroom makeover3
    Monica has some great tips and tricks for how she achieved this transformation in just one weekend, including building the lockers, stenciling the rugs and creating personalized artwork. Check out the full article on her garage mudroom makeover here: http://eastcoastcreativeblog.com/2012/09/garage-mudroom-makeover-for-real-family.html

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