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  • Awesome DIY Floating Bunk Beds for Boys

    diy floating bunk beds

    Gosh, I wish Marian and Neil, from The Bumper Crop, were my parents…no wait, that sounds a bit creepy… what I mean is I wish my parents had made me and my brother some bunk beds as totally AWESOME as the ones you see here.

    I’m not sure I’ve seen a boy’s bedroom remodel that I like more than this one. Everything from the cool white, grey and black color tones to the linens which are soft and inviting while still giving the appearance (to me at least) of a marine’s military cot. That’s a compliment by the way, as a kid I always thought those cots on trains, boats or submarines were the coolest beds ever.

    We did have bunk beds as kids so I shouldn’t bellyache too much (sorry mum and dad) but it’s the way the beds look like their floating that makes them extra cool. On that note…of course they’re not floating and you need some serious lag bolts and rope to achieve this remodel. And as Marian points out, there’s definitely no jumping allowed on these beds!

    To get the full scoop on this boys bedroom project, how it was constructed, paints, linens and lights, as well as some safety tips, follow the link below.

    bunk bed rope

    single hanging boys bed

    boys floating bunk beds

    Follow the link to see more images and all the info on this boy’s room remodel: https://thebumpercrop.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/three-boys-one-room/

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