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  • 21 Best DIY and Professional Garage Storage Solutions

    Ah, what to do with the great beast that is garage clutter?! We recently spent a day clearing out our garage – sorting out piles for charity, for recycling and for letting go – but somehow still ended up with a small mountain of random boxes, infrequently used items and sentimentally valuable bits and pieces.

    garage storage - intro picOverwhelmed, I simply rearranged it all into one large pile in the corner, and chose to try and ignore the fact that it really does need one more final sorting… Which is why I’ve been looking into top tips and ideas for garage storage. Ultimately I know that unless I define the space and demarcate exact locations for things like bikes, scooters, gardening tools and cool boxes, the garage will remain a clutter magnet. So, here are the best garage storage solutions and ideas I could find – from cunning little DIY hacks to proper professional storage systems: whatever your budget, there is always a way to get organized!

    1. Magnetic Tool Bar

    magnetic tool bar

    Source: www.bhg.com

    This is the best DIY hack ever! Buy one of these magnetic bars that are supposed to be for your kitchen knives, attach it to the work area of your garage, and then use it to store drill bits and such! Works with the metal parts of paint brushes too!

    2. Pliers Holder

    pliers holder

    Source: woodgears.ca

    If you want to be a bit more DIY clever, then a simply made wooden rail over your workbench is the perfect place to hook your pliers.

    3. Screwdriver shelf

    screwdriver shelf

    Source: freshcrush.com

    And even a DIY novice can tackle this smart screwdriver shelf – a few bits of wood, a bunch of screws and a drill – there you go! Genius!

    4. Screw Jars

    screw jars

    Source: www.chezlarsson.com

    And once you’ve sorted the screwdrivers, all you need is some old peanut butter jars (with plastic lids), and a random shelf to build this super neat screw storage idea.

    5. Tool Pegboard

    tool pegboard

    Source: mylifeandkids.com

    Of course, everyone knows that the best way to organize tools is to set up one of these simple pegboards, using hooks, pins, pegs or rails to hang each tool in its place.

    6. Portable Tool Caddy

    portable tool caddy

    Source: www.mom4real.com

    Take the pegboard idea one step further, by making this nifty pegboard portable tool caddy – great if you want your tools to hand in any part of your home.

    7. Rolling Tool Cabinets

    rolling tool cabinets

    Source: www.hometalk.com

    And if you’re a serious woodworker, tinkerer, DIYer and find that your garage is simply rammed with tools, then spend a few super satisfying days making these rolling tool cabinets! Then all you need to do is label each cabinet so you know where you’ve put everything!

    8. DIY Lumber Cart

    diy lumber caddy

    Source: www.shanty-2-chic.com

    Another cool idea for all the carpenters out there… setting up this rocking lumber caddy on wheels will change your life! Promise!

    9. Repurposed Shoe Rack

    repurposed shoe rack

    Source: www.hisugarplumsblog.com

    But you don’t have to be a semi-pro carpenter to deal with garage clutter. Re-purposing common household objects – like this onetime shoe rack which now stores aerosol paints – is an easy hack to deal with unwanted piles of mess.

    10. Sports Ball Storage sports ball storage

    Source: designedtodwell.blogspot.com

    And anyone with a bit of common sense, a drill and a few bungee cords can make this genius sports ball storage system – so simple, yet so very smart!

    11. Storage Corral

    storage corral

    Source: www.prettyhandygirl.com

    Another fairly easy DIY project – this storage corral has been beautifully labeled so that it’s more than easy to make sure that everything gets put back in the right place.

    12. Bike Hooks

    bike hooks

    Source: www.hgtv.com

    Turns out that the prefect place to store a bike is actually off the ground! A couple of strong large hooks drilled into your garage ceiling are all that’s needed.

    13. Peg Rail Organizer

    peg rail oraganizer

    Source: www.marthastewart.com

    For a more genteel storage solution, several rows of charmingly old-fashioned school peg rails are both functional and pretty!

    14. Duct Tape Bow Décor

    duct tape box decor

    Source: diyhshp.blogspot.com

    And for more prettiness, have a look at this neat hack to simply and effectively beautify old cardboard boxes – all you need is a bit of duct tape, some white paper and you’re all set!

    15. Garage Shelving

    garage shelving

    Source: www.justagirlblog.com

    Ultimately, the best way to keep garage gear stored neatly is to make sure it can’t sprawl over the floor. Investing in good utility shelves is a simple, versatile and practical solution.

    16. Yard Tool Rack

    yard tool rack

    Source: www.amazon.com

    Another excellent bit of organizational kit are job specific storage units, like the very sensible yard tool rack shown above. A simple search online will offer up tons of similar clever, low-cost storage solutions.

    17. FreedomRail


    Source: organizedliving.com

    Here’s another professional garage storage solution – the team at Organized Living offer up their customizable FreedomRail system of wall rails that you can then attach any number of storage options from shelves, baskets, cabinets and hooks.

    18. Flow Wall


    Source: www.flowwall.com

    Like the FreedomRail system, the Flow Wall concept used a grooved panel configured to your exact needs with accessories such as baskets, bins, hooks, rails and magnets.

    19. SafeRack

    safe racks

    Source: www.saferacks.com

    Making use of garage walls for storage is pretty clever; making use of the ceiling too is properly intelligent. There are a number of ways of DIY ways to do this, but the pro SafeRack system is always going to be the best!

    20. Custom Built Cabinets

    custom built cabinets

    Source: www.arizonagaragedesign.com

    And whilst all of these albeit customizable off the peg storage solutions are excellent choices, if you have extra budget getting made to measure storage cabinets for your garage will ensure that every bit of wall space is fully maximized.

    21. Complete Garage Remodel with Loft

    garage remodel with loft

    Source: espacegarageplus.com

    And finally, if budget is not of any concern at all and your garage is causing you serious grief, then consider the enormous benefits of a complete garage remodel – in the one shown above, a loft addition has been created to provide above head storage space, brilliant! What about you? Do you have any genius garage storage tips or solutions? Please share in the comments below.