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  • 24 of the Best House Siding Ideas and Photos

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    Updating the exterior siding of your home is a clever investment that will certainly increase its appeal and potentially increase its value too. In some cases updating the siding will simply involve a fresh lick of paint but, if your existing siding is in bad shape and needs to be replaced or if you are building from scratch, it pays to spend a good time considering all the options. So here to help are 24 great house siding ideas and photos.

    There are now a number of different construction materials that you can use to clad your home; which one you use will to some extent depend on your local environment (wood siding is possibly not the best idea in a damp environment) as well as the local aesthetic (a home covered in terracotta stucco is likely to look out of place in a row of Cape Cod cottages). Learn more about siding materials and return on investment before you make changes you’ll have to live with for the next 20 years.

    But choosing your siding is not only about which material to use. Of equal importance are the texture and style of the siding, which will enhance the character of your home. Certain siding materials tend to work best with traditional homes whilst others are better with modern designs; and when it comes to siding color ideas – well – that can change everything!

    Whether your preference is for a homely neutral-toned exterior, a fresh crisp white frontage, or a bold as brass colorful statement home, there are plenty of options to create a home that speaks to your design style right from the get-go! Here is our selection of inspirational house siding ideas to get you started.

    Vinyl Siding Ideas

    Vinyl siding remains a popular choice among many home renovators for its strong weatherproof quality and overall durability. Aesthetically it is usually seen in slats or shingle forms and colored to mimic painted wood siding, and therefore works very well for those looking to create traditional house exteriors with or without a bold splash of color! These vinyl siding photos should give you some great ideas.

    Baseview Cottagebaseview cottageSource: www.planforward.net

    A lovely, family-friendly home using shades of lilac gray and terracotta red vinyl siding.

    Cape Codcape codSource: www.vinylsiding.org

    Keeping to tradition with a creamy shingle style vinyl siding on this pretty Cap Cod home.

    Sedona Redsedona redSource: variform.plygem.com

    This Craftsman inspired home, neatly clad in brick red vinyl siding, has a warm and welcoming feel to it.

    SlominslominSource: www.richardbubnowskidesign.com

    Smart gray vinyl shingle style siding and crisp white details makes for a very smart looking home.

    Slate and Stone Veneer Siding Ideas

    One of the most sought after aesthetics is a stone built home; so its good news that modern technology allows us to replicate stone build as a stone veneer siding that can be applied to most kinds of building structures. And as you’ll see from the slate and stone veneer siding ideas below, a stone finish gives a sense of longevity, solidity and security to your home that is very appealing.

    Italian Villaitalian villaSource: www.coronado.com

    Chunky, irregular sized stones are a great choice to replicate the centuries-old feel of a Mediterranean stone built villa.

    Baer Retreatbaer retreatSource: www.osbornearchitects.com

    This colorful slate veneer idea helps settle this modern home in its environment, whilst the thin brick shapes keep the contemporary feel to the forefront.

    Pecos Greenleepecos greenleeSource: austinarchitect.com

    A contemporary take on the French Provençale stone farmhouses, using a gray toned irregular patterned limestone veneer to great effect.

    Spanish Oaksspanish oaksSource: www.jaureguiarchitect.com

    The smooth finish and uniform shapes on these stone veneer bricks add elegance and grandeur to this modern hacienda.

    Wood Siding Ideas

    There’s no denying the timeless appeal of wood siding, but that has to be weighed up against the higher installation and maintenance costs. However, if you can afford it, wood siding will add tons of character to your home; And it is versatile enough for either traditional or contemporary design, and can also be finished with transparent or colored stains or paints.

    Beach Cottagebeach cottageSource: katejacksondesign.com

    Cedar shingles are one of the most popular wood sidings – here they are finished with a transparent stain, enhancing the coastal vibe of the property.

    DC Metrodc metroSource: bfmarch.com

    Planks of oiled and stained ipe are used here to highlight the modern design of this impressive split-foyer residence.

    FollyfollySource: www.outlawdesigncompany.com

    Is there anything more inviting than a traditional, bright, white painted clapboard farmhouse? Lovely!

    NethermeadnethermeadSource: www.carltonarchitecture.com

    And for a modern take on the wooden farmhouse, arrange wood siding panels vertically and then paint a dramatic, deep gray!

    Fiber Cement Siding Ideas

    Fiber Cement siding has gained more of the market share in recent years, mainly because it is quite low maintenance, but also because it is extremely versatile and can be made to look like wood clapboard, or shingles, or stucco boards, or panels. The following fiber cement house siding ideas demonstrate how you can use it for both classic and contemporary buildings and it can also be painted any color you like!

    Madison Parkmadison parkSource: www.timberlandcustomhomes.com

    This classically designed home with olive green fiber cement clapboard style siding looks very welcoming.

    Schmitz Parkschmitz parkSource: ryanrhodesdesigns.com

    Slick gray fiber cement siding is used here to compliment the modern linear design.

    Henlopen Acreshenlopen acresSource: echeloncustomhomes.com

    Wonderfully bold blue painted fiber cement shingles gives the wow factor to this otherwise traditional home.

    Mercer Islandmercer islandSource: www.blipdesign.com

    Sleek and chic fiber cement panels are the perfect choice for this high-end contemporary home.

    Stucco & Render Ideas

    Stucco or render has been used on homes all over the world for centuries, so it’s no wonder that it continues to enjoy popularity today. Stucco can be finished quite roughly for a more rustic feel or very smooth for a more refined look, and adapts to several different architectural styles. Different pigments can also be added when the stucco is mixed to enhance the style of your home.

    Isle de Franceisle de franceSource: www.barnesvanze.com

    This very elegant home inspired by a French Chateau has been beautifully finished with smooth, light tan stucco.

    JewelljewellSource: www.architectsmagnus.com

    Here the stucco has been tinted gray and given a slightly rougher finish that works well against the slick wood and metal.

    Mediterranean Classicmediterranean classicSource: www.tommychambersinteriors.com

    The epitome of Mediterranean architecture – wonderfully expressed here in the rustic, creamy yellow stucco finish.

    Sarasota Bayfrontsarasota bayfrontSource: www.stofftcooney.com

    This stunning Bermuda style property has been rendered with crisp, white stucco. Gorgeous!

    Other Siding Options and Photos

    Finally, for those who want to really stand out from the crowd, there are a number of alternative siding ideas that might appeal. Reclaimed timber planks, actual tree bark, metal and glass are all options depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve. With the right budget, you can truly find something quite unique, personal and different to define your home both inside and out!

    Penmar Residencepenmar residenceSource: www.mgsarchitecture.com

    Corrugated metals, such as aluminum, are increasingly being seen on residential property – keep the colors warm like this gorgeous coppery orange to avoid your home looking like a shed!

    Santa Ynez Barnsanta ynez barnSource: studiocarver.com

    This restored barn has been clad in translucent glass panels – sublime!

    MansfieldmansfieldSource: www.eandkwood.com

    Love this siding idea: reclaimed timber boards used as siding which, as they continue to age and weather, will constantly change their appearance.

    Banner Elkbanner elkSource: www.christopherkellie.com

    Siding made out of tree bark – now that really is rather different!