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  • Geometric Tile Pattern Ideas for your Kitchen Backsplash

    geometric tile pattern backsplashSource: www.artistictile.com

    This week we’ve been looking in more detail at some of the key interior design trends for 2016 and analyzing which are the most effective and accessible trends to incorporate into your home. In this RenoCompare post we’re going to look at kitchen backsplash ideas using geometric tile patterns.

    Geometric tile patterns are set to be a huge influence this year, and is unlikely to date too quickly, so if you crave pattern now is the time to really go for it!

    For the geometric pattern virgin, you can go slow by mixing in a couple of cushions covered with geometric prints, or look for décor items such as vases and dishes in interesting geometric shapes.

    Of course, one area where geometric patterns have been around since the dawn of interior design time is kitchen tiling: but the difference now is that we’re not just talking about simple checkerboard patterns.

    For 2016 it’s all about using interesting shapes such as hexagons, diamonds, parallelograms and triangles to create bright and bold statements.

    So if you’re keen on a geometric tile pattern, a great place to use it is in your kitchen backsplash. Paired with simple, streamlined counters and units, a colorful geometric tiled backsplash will add personality and drama to your kitchen. In more traditional kitchen designs, geometric designs in natural materials such as terracotta can add a retro flair that is also right on-trend.

    Furthermore, whilst geometric ceramic tiles are still the most popular material for kitchen backsplashes, we are seeing a growing trend for less common materials such as wood and metals. Opt for one of those materials and add a geometric pattern for a thoroughly modern kitchen design!

    Below is a selection of the most interesting takes we’ve seen on this new design trends, offering you some great ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate geometric backsplash tiles into your kitchen.

    17 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Using Geometric Tile Patterns:

    Green with Envy

    This bold intertwined circular tile pattern backplash (Studio Moderne Paramount from Walker Zanger tiles) holds its own against the striking kitchen cabinets made from eucalyptus wood.

    green with envy Source: designworksflorida.com