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  • Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Remodel

    Obviously when planning a bathroom vanity remodel it’s the choice of the vanity itself that will make or break the success of the project.   Pick the right look and everything comes together, choose the wrong one—and the regret can force an entire makeover. Click here for more bathroom remodeling ideas.

    Michelle, over at www.tenjuneblog.com, knows this issue only too well.  She and her husband went through some vanity design mistakes before finally hitting on the right renovation for their master bathroom.

    She chronicles her struggles and successes here:


    What They Started With

    old bathroom vanity

    Michelle and her husband threw their hearts and souls into transforming a narrow master bathroom vanity area into a more attractive space.  The original bathroom cabinetry design in their home was a huge “l-shape” affair that offered plenty of storage but gave the bathroom a cramped feel.  Mirrors that covered three walls may have been a boon when it came to grooming, but made the space look even more overcrowded. Click here for more bathroom vanity options.

    The couple decided to rip out the existing cabinetry and mirrors to start from scratch. Once the bathroom vanity remodel was finished the bathroom opened up beautifully. The pair decided to follow the current trend towards an open and free-standing, rather than built-in, bathroom vanity to maintain the new sense of space.

    Wrong vanity

    The First Attempt

    Their first choice was an open design that seemed ideal at the home improvement store showroom.  Once it was delivered however, the charm quickly faded.  The open design allowed no room for hiding the necessary plumbing for the double sinks, and the paint finish clashed with other design elements that were already part of the remodel.

    An open bathroom vanity may seem like a great idea, but the trouble quickly became apparent; not only can’t you hide the necessary pipes and drains; you also ruin the pristine effect of an uncluttered bathroom by placing anything on the open shelving.

    Vanity after photo

    And Finally

    Michelle and her husband turned to a 60 inch wide enclosed cabinet sourced from their local big box home improvement store purchased unfinished.  They painted it a charcoal grey which worked beautifully with the rest of the bathroom décor; added a custom white marble countertop and sinks.

    Unfortunately, it took them three tries to get this bathroom sink remodel installed to their satisfaction.  Re-plumbing that had been necessary to accommodate the previous open vanity fiasco turned what should have been an easy install into a nightmare.  Not only did the vanity have to be re-positioned more than once to fit over the pipes, but electrical outlets and lighting had to be moved as well.

    After four attempts and something like ten months, Michelle and her hubby finally had the master bathroom of their dreams and learned valuable lessons along the way.

    While Michelle’s story might seem more of a cautionary tale of how not to undertake and complete a bathroom vanity remodel, their mistakes and missteps have been generously shared to save you from similar pitfalls!  The before and after pictures and the entertaining recounting of their trials and tribulations will inspire you to a new understanding of what can be accomplished when you set out to re-do your master bathroom!