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  • Beadboard Wallpaper Backsplash Idea

    beadboard wallpaper backsplashWe really like this beadboard wallpaper backsplash diy project (above) that we found over at the2seasons.com. Janette  had sworn off having yet more wallpaper in her home, until she needed an attractive and relatively easy to install pantry backsplash.  Janette uses her pantry area for the staging and preparation of all her baking. She had originally decided against installing any kind of backsplash, thinking it unnecessary.

    But she became dismayed with cake batter, cookie dough and pie filing splattering the bare walls and, hearing good things about beadboard wallpaper, decided to give it a try.

    She was able to install the beadboard wallpaper backsplash in just under two hours. The amount of wallpaper she needed to create her pantry backsplash came to less than one roll.  Visually the wallpaper is virtually identical to the authentic wooden beadboard that adorns the walls in her adjacent kitchen.

    Real Beadboard

    Real Beadboard

    Unlike original beadboard, or beadboard paneling, the wallpaper’s smooth texture allows for a quick and easy wipe down of any baking preparation mess.

    Check out Janet’s description of her sourcing, purchase and installation here:


    What is Beadboard?

    Once a common feature in interior home design beadboard derives its name from the small indentation between wooden planks arranged together as wainscoting. This indentation is called the “bead” between the boards, hence beadboard.

    Back in the old days, the beadboard effect was achieved by attaching narrow planks of wood side by side in an aesthetically pleasing combination.   This design technique was (and is) popular in bathroom decor where it had the original function of protecting walls from water.

    This traditional method of beadboard installation was labor intensive and could present maintenance nightmares with the passage of time. Wood tends to warp and distort with factors like humidity that naturally occur in all bathrooms. Warping from moisture can turn a lovely beadboard effect into a visual mess.

    Beadboard as Part of Modern Interior Design

    The traditional method of achieving a beadboard effect was eventually replaced with sheets of paneling which mimic the look and are easier to install and maintain. This type of paneling was often made of thin plywood, which limited the depth of the bead but still captured the charm of the style.

    Because of its classic rustic appeal, beadboard is popular once again in the 21st century.  Beadboard is no longer restricted to use in the bathroom and is now in use throughout the house.  So popular is the look that there is now beadboard available in a variety of materials.

    Pine used to be the wood of choice, other natural choices now include cedar, maple and cherry. Less expensive options include medium density fiberboard (MDF), PVC and, as in our featured project here, wallpaper. These options enhance the versatility and popularity of this old fashioned look.

    Be sure to have a gander at the side by side photographic comparison of the wallpaper to the actual kitchen beadboard! Pretty indistinguishable from each other! And for more wallpaper ideas click here.