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  • How to Upgrade Kitchen Appliances for Less

    Updating your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make to improve the resale value of your home; a kitchen upgrade can actually add thousands to a selling price.

    Very few of us can afford, however, to turn our kitchens into the showplaces that the home improvement magazines and interior design showrooms are intent on promoting.

    It is possible to make slow and steady improvements to an existing kitchen that will pay dividends later on. The key is knowing what steps to take, which to avoid and how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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    Allison over at thegoldensycamore.com has  written the manual for taking a ho-hum mismatched kitchen and turning it into attractive, modern space without breaking the bank.

    Check out the before & after pictures and full project details here:


    While house hunting for a new home across state, this couple almost passed up a veritable gem. The room that gave them the most concern was the kitchen, which featured mismatched appliances, cabinetry that had seen better days and other features that just didn’t work in spite of the room being one of the most recently updated of the entire house. Fortunately they were able to recognize that while not perfect, the kitchen actually had a lot of potential and went ahead with the home purchase.


    They started slow and steady. Over the first twelve months of their occupancy and gradually as their budget would allow, they changed out the existing refrigerator, range (and hood), and dishwasher, the originals of which had all been different colors. Opting for all white appliances instead of the trendier stainless steel look that is so popular now, they also were open to appliances that had been sales returns that were gently used. Electing for a less hip color scheme and accepting guaranteed refurbished returns saved a ton of money on what are arguably the priciest line items on any kitchen upgrade budget.


    The savings made on the big ticket items allowed for improvements to other features in the kitchen. Rather than replace cabinets, they repainted them and swapped out hinges, door handles and drawer pulls for replacements in a striking contrasting color. They replaced the outdated faucet in the kitchen sink with a more elegant but still conservative fixture. Lighting in the kitchen was upgraded and its styling also modified for a more uniformly harmonious look.

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    The couple repainted walls, ceiling and trim. They also added blinds to the kitchen windows; which are not only an attractive, functional touch, but will also help protect the cabinetry from the sun bleaching that had originally marred their visual appeal.

    Importantly, this family made kitchen upgrade decisions that were classic and clean with broad general visual appeal. Too many kitchen remodels go for what is considered fashionable and “hot” at the moment, not realizing that over time, homeowner tastes change and the pricey stainless appliances and granite countertops may actually have a negative impact on the value of the remodel investment down the road.