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  • Recycled Mosaic Glass Backsplash DIY Project

    Kitchen backsplashes are not only functional (they protect walls and cabinets from cooking residue and moisture) they can also add visual interest and a pop of color to otherwise plain kitchen décor.

    Cassie over at primitiveandproper.com updated a drab area around her range with a colorful, fun backsplash that she was able to install herself with professional results.
    The first order of business for this project was, of course to pick out the material for the backsplash.  This is not only the first step but the most important one.

    Start by cruising the appropriate materials aisle at your local home improvement center; check out the specifications for each option and most importantly be sure to make a choice that you can live with over the long haul, not one which is trendy right now.

    Other considerations include ease of cleaning, durability and difficulty of mounting.  Be sure to match your skill level with the material you choose!  Cassie chose mosaic tile which yields a beautiful result but takes some precision to self-install.  There are, however, many other options out there.  Ask lots of questions at the home improvement center to make your own best choice.

    Second order of business; make sure you have all the tools you need to hand before you begin the nitty-gritty of starting the project.  Cassie provides an extensive list of what she used, along with step by step instructions and photos of the installation in progress. Tools and supplies will, of course, vary according to the choice of backsplash material, but if you have your heart set on tile, check out her list here:


    Picking an attractive tile or other medium isn’t enough, you do have to work out your design and then transfer that design to the wall space to be covered.  An important tip is to start your design layout by finding the center of the space to be covered and working outwards from that point. Also be sure to mark off the parameters, if your project is going to go a certain distance up a wall and stop, this is especially important.  Clearly marked lines checked with a carpenter’s level are essential and will prevent hair-pulling later on.

    With tile, you must lay out the design before you set to attaching it to the final surface.  Remember to allow yourself plenty of room for the process and work out any potential design difficulties there first.

    Thoroughly prepare the wall surface according to manufacturer instructions!  Cassie’s mosaic tiles required careful preparation of a small area at a time with tile adhesive. After applying the tile, she needed to allow drying time before she could apply grout to seal the tiles together.  The time to make any last minute fixes to individual tiles is before the adhesive has had time to permanently cure and before applying the grout.


    Don’t forget to seal window and counter seams to prevent the intrusion of moisture and dirt!  This insures durability of the backsplash for years to come.


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