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  • Cool Front Porch Lighting Idea

    solar front porch lights

    Today we have a cool front porch light idea for you from the Shipmans over at lovinghere.com

    There is nothing more attractive and welcoming on the approach to a home than a front porch.  A wrap around, covered porch area not only adds curb appeal to a house, upping its resale value, it also provides bonus outdoor entertaining and living space to a family.

    A well designed porch should always include adequate exterior lighting.  Quite often new and old home constructions limit their porch lighting to a single fixture near the front door; requiring a homeowner to come up with their own options should additional front porch lights be deemed necessary.

    Missing Porch Post Cap

    The good folks over at Loving It Here had a singular dilemma.  Melissa and her husband had a lovely wrap around porch that was missing a rail cap when they moved in, an eyesore that cried out for redress. Their porch, otherwise so lovely and inviting, could also have done with more lighting for family activities.

    Melissa had done some research and discovered that it was possible to find porch railing caps that included solar lights. Melissa added buying solar light porch rail caps to her list of home improvement projects and sourced them online.  They weren’t an expensive item, averaging about ten dollars for each unit.

    For whatever reason the purchase never got made and the rail cap issue dragged on for months. Other repairs and projects demanded attention first. But Melissa never forgot about her solar powered front porch lighting!

    One day, on a walk through Home Depot, Melissa and her husband stumbled across the porch railing department and found solar rail caps on sale for less than $5 each! They bought two-because of course, just buying one to replace the missing rail cap would give the porch an unbalanced look and the more light the better.

    front porch light idea

    The solar rail cap porch lights are all-weather, LED lights that are powered, as the name suggests, by the rays of the sun.  An unobtrusive solar cell soaks up daylight and converts that stored energy into lights that come on at dusk. They are available in a variety of different styles and price ranges.

    Melissa was thrilled with her purchase and rushed home, thinking that she could just snap the solar light caps in place, only to make an unpleasant discovery.  The lights had the “standard” 4 x 4 base that the packaging indicated, and should fit atop her rail post just fine—but there was no way to attach them. You see, 4 x 4 inch posts and 4 x 4 inch caps don’t necessarily mean the same thing.  Where the new lights should have slipped easily onto the post with no fancy tools needed, the units would only sit on top.  The base was designed for “fake” 4 x 4 inch posts, that is posts that really only measure something slightly less than that.  Melissa’s porch rail post was a true 4 x 4 inch post!

    So much for instant installation, but Melissa’s hubby was a man with a plan and you can see how the couple coped with and fixed their unexpected issue here: http://lovinghere.com/diwyatt-lighted-porch-post-caps-a-free-fix/

    Porch lightes finished