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  • Adventures in Old Carpet Removal and New Carpet Installation

    In a perfect world, new homeowners have all the time in the world to make necessary repairs, renovations and upgrades to their homes before they move in. But rarely is the world perfect. That is the situation faced by Allison and her family who share their renovation adventures at House of the Hepworths.

    After buying their new home they had all of five days to do some preliminary paint prep work and get an ugly, dirty, threadbare carpet and its padding removed and new carpet installed. Allison is a dedicated do-it-yourselfer but drew the line at moving in with the carpet in the state it was in and, more importantly, had no desire to remove the old carpet herself!

    Allison also instantly realized that it is FAR easier to replace carpet in an empty house than it is in a house full of a family’s furniture and other belongings, so the pressure to find the right carpet at the right price was on.

    The Hepworth family have plans to eventually remove all the tile and carpeting in their new home and replaced with hardwood flooring; however that is a project they must delay and save for. Any new flooring choices they made had to be quick, attractive and yet affordable in the short term.


    Finding Reliable and Cheap Carpet Replacement Services

    Allison did her homework when it came to sourcing carpeting services. She consulted with not only the big box home improvement stores (with their so-called package deals) but also with all available local options.

    She struck gold in a local family owned business that operated out of a large warehouse. The company had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and had been in business in the area for 17 years. Most importantly, they offered brand name carpeting and pads at $2000 less than the home improvement centers.

    This carpet warehouse didn’t install their product but they subcontracted with a reputable installation company that the Hepworths would pay directly and only AFTER they were satisfied with the installation.

    The company proved their worth even before installation day arrived. They advised Allison to proceed with the preliminary prep work for the wall painting the family would later finish themselves; recommending that she pull the old carpet up and away from the walls and fold it in on itself. For an additional $30 dollars, they would remove and haul away the old carpet and pads, an option far less expensive and troublesome than having to deal with the disposal issue yourself. If you do want to remove carpet yourself click here for a definitive carpet removal guide.

    old carpet

    On the day of installation the workers dealt with an unforeseen complication professionally and quickly, removing padding adhered to the floor of a room so completely it took the entire crew and brute force to dislodge.

    While this isn’t a do it yourself tutorial, Allison has some very important and cogent points to make about replacing flooring on a budget. Also the before and after photos will help to remind you what a transformation something as straightforward as carpet replacement can have on a living space. You can read about her experience in detail here: http://www.houseofhepworths.com/2013/05/28/the-new-carpet-and-how-we-chose-it/

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