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  • How to Lay Concrete Patio Pavers – Before and After


    Today we look at a fairly easy diy project, installing concrete patio pavers to create an attractive outside space.

    Patio spaces, especially when done right, can add real value to a home, even when they aren’t large, expansive areas.  For Sheila and her husband, over at alchemy-home.net, the small patio/yard area feature was one of the main reasons they decided to buy their condo in the first place.

    Unfortunately, once they moved in they discovered that the attractive  rock garden that had so captured their imaginations was a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The previous owner had done some last minute cosmetic additions to improve the unit’s curb appeal, but hadn’t taken the time to do it right.  The rock garden, which had looked  so lovely, rapidly turned into a weed riven mess after a couple of rain storms.

    Sheila and her hubby realized that the previous tenant had done nothing more than throw down some deer netting, dump some bags of mulch on top of that and topped the whole space off with white marble chip rocks.

    The 15’ by 7’ foot area needed a serious makeover.  Since they had to weed the rock garden anyway, Sheila and her spouse decided to dig it all up and start from scratch.

    The original area was bordered by some low concrete edging and behind that some beauty bark had been put down.  As they weeded the rock garden Sheila and her friend decided to transfer the marble chip rock from this area to the margin behind the concrete border. This really made the dark wooden fence surrounding the property pop.  They pulled weeds, removed the mulch and then set about prepping the rock garden bed in a manner which should keep the rejuvenated space weed-free and looking great for a long time to come.

    We recommend you pop over and take a look at Sheila’s step by step photos and description of the process:


    After cleaning out the slapdash cosmetic fix, and treating the underlying soil with weed killer, the pair next laid down landscape fabric to cover the prepped area and secured the edges with pegs.  Next they put down a few bags of paving sand over the fabric to give their brand new concrete patio pavers something to grip on to.


    They’d chosen 18 concrete pavers, 16 x 16 in size and weighing a hefty 47 pounds each for the rock garden makeover. They laid these down by hand using a yardstick, and followed up by filling in around the pavers with mulch to facilitate drainage.  They then topped off the area several bags of landscaping rocks which will settle a bit over time, they plan to add more as this natural process occurs.

    The end result is everything they wanted for their small patio area.  Sheila has added planters and a succulent container garden to add extra appeal to their finished rock garden.

    Follow the link above to check out Sheila’s list of supplies and tools, and read her how-to.

    If youve made use of concrete patio pavers on an exterior makeover project wed love to hear from you. Submit your project today.