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  • Ceiling Painting Tips – How One Homeowner Painted Her Dining Room Ceiling


    One of the major headaches of painting a room is how to paint the ceiling without losing your balance, your health, your temper and your mind.

    If there is one truism when it comes to ceiling painting, it is the fact that your average interior wall paint splatters, drips and makes a mess. That is a given.  Or such is the experience of many a homeowner.

    And worse, even the lowest ceilings are beyond the reach of the average DIYer and his or her trusty paint roller. Ladders are pretty much mandatory for the job, but can be a real and literal pain in the neck to deal with. Worse,  short  of building a scaffold so that you can paint a la Michelangelo doing the Sistine Chapel there just aren’t many other options for using a standard paint roller while perched atop a tall ladder.

    Ceilings are an important part of any room; you can’t just ignore them forever and hope for the best.  You’ve got to just accept the unpleasant aspects of the job, double down and get it done, right?

    It turns out that there are a few ways to make painting a ceiling easier, and Sarah over at lifeonvirginiastreet.com has some great suggestions for taking the pain out of the process:


    Sarah had been eyeing the ceiling and trim in her home for years, growing increasingly annoyed by the existing color, which was anything but white and which categorically did not match her chosen color palette of muted greys.  Finally unable to ignore the problem any longer, Sarah went to the paint store, found a specialized ceiling paint which is primer and interior paint all in one. This instantly eliminated one of the nastiest parts of a ceiling repaint: the need to go over it twice!  Even better, because it was a flat paint, there was also no danger of noticeable roller marks to mar the finish.

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    To avoid any strange undertones, Sarah also opted to leave the paint untinted.  Her paint choice was also virtually splatter and drip free, low VOC, and carried a lifetime guarantee!  Does it get any better?

    Apparently yes, it does because Sarah also found the perfect applicator for this rock star paint. A handy-dandy roller by manufacturer HomeRight that not only stores paint in an ultra-long handle but delivers it to the roller with a twist of the wrist!  No more awkward paint pouring or frequent breaks to reload; the roller picks up the paint straight from the can via a patented process that works like a syringe!   This roller is a dream come true and works equally well to reach the upper margins of high walls.  And the best part?  This marvel of human invention is available at your local home improvement center for around $25!  It saves its price in aggravation right out of the box!

    Armed with this puppy, Sarah was able to brighten up her ceiling in no time flat.  Check out her awesome before, during and after pictures at the link above!


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