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  • Remodeling a Master Bedroom Fireplace Like a Pro

    Michelle of www.thepaintedhinge.com got herself a Christmas time offer she couldn’t refuse, a free basket of flowers from Proflowers.com if she’d write a post featuring the arrangement on her fireplace mantle! For a blogger, receiving offers for sponsored posts means your blog has attracted the notice of sponsor companies and you have arrived in the blogosphere!

    Trouble was Michelle didn’t have a mantle.  She did have a fireplace, but it was in her master bedroom and was one of those natural gas units that is flush with the surrounding wall and therefore has no mantelpiece.

    What to do?

    Michelle really wanted the arrangement (one of her first sponsored posts); she was itching to accept the offer and get started.  But the Proflowers outline was clear.  The post had to feature their bouquet on the mantle of a fireplace.

    Fortunately Michelle is married to a contractor.  She could just have him install a mantle to be sure, but the existing fireplace and its surround were decidedly un-photogenic. The major problem was that the color of the walls in the bedroom was all wrong and it made the otherwise attractive fireplace look downright ugly.

    Happily, Michelle had a moment of inspiration, one that meant that she and hubby Dan didn’t have to worry about painting the entire bedroom in less than a week. Instead her brilliant idea would create a custom accent wall!

    Her idea was this:  to completely transform the fireplace corner of their master bedroom by adding cladding to the walls, painting the new surface, distressing the paint, then attaching a mantle.

    Like the professional he is, Husband Dan said he could do it (no problem!), but it would take time, he cautioned.  Unfortunately, Michelle had exactly one week to get the fireplace ready for its photo-shoot! And Michelle really wanted that flower basket and that sponsored post!

    Fortunately, her husband was up for the challenge and was able to help her transform her crazy idea into a stunning reality in record time.

    The couple ran to the home improvement store and purchased 20 1″ x 6″ x 6′ pine wood planks which Dan started cutting and adhering directly to the drywall with adhesive and finishing nails. The wall already featured a small alcove directly above the gas fireplace, Michelle’s first instinct was to cover it up with cladding, but she changed her mind and had Dan fit the pine boards around the alcove instead.  Michelle was thrilled that retaining the alcove ultimately not only preserved the visual interest of the original fireplace wall but provided an additional canvas for her design talents.

    Once Dan had the pine cladding expertly placed floor to ceiling, Michelle took over the project.  While the wall with the unfinished wood was attractive enough, she had her heart set on finishing the fireplace wall with the aforementioned painterly effects. To accomplish what she had in mind, Michelle came up with her own unique process for turning the new wood surface into a distressed antique look finish, involving Valspar wood stain, Valspar Signature paint in Ultra White, calcium carbonate, and sandpaper.

    For the details on how she transformed her master bedroom fireplace from an eyesore to a thing of beauty, (and mounted that can’t-do-without mantle), check out Michelle’s blog post at:


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