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  • Using Cedar Siding for a Pictorial Mural

    Cedar siding is one of the most beautiful options for upgrading the exterior of a home. Classic and classy, cedar rarely needs any embellishment to be distinctive and its use greatly enhances the value of a home.

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    There are however an increasing number of DIYers and siding professionals who are upping the ante in terms of cedar siding aesthetics. These creative souls incorporate art into their designs!

    House siding with an artistic flair? You bet! For one of the more unique examples of this new trend in siding, check out this post by Richard N. over at hometalk.com:


    His whimsical depiction of a giant in a cedar shingle mural cleverly masks an awkward addition to his turn of the 20th Century home. What was once an exterior staircase had been enclosed sometime after the initial 1907 home construction but without a single thought as to actually incorporating the style of the enclosure to match the rest of the house.  Back then such considerations were not given the same weight as today, when inconsistencies in home design can mean a loss of big bucks at resale.

    Richard calls himself a carpenter-handyman and over the years has gained extensive experience doing restoration work on both homes and furniture. There isn’t much he hasn’t done in his career, and the idea of tackling a siding project on his home was not a daunting prospect. He claims that he is not an artist, but he certainly knew how to find and utilize the tools he’d need to realize his dream. With a graphics program and his computer he could transform his original sketches into a workable plan, incorporating perspective and vanishing points.

    Richard’s giant is depicted in his design climbing up the staircase enclosure on its own set of cedar siding risers. Once he worked out the picture he wanted—chosen simply because it amused him–the first step was to transfer the graphic onto the side of the enclosed stairway.  He enlarged his design and printed it out in sections, then transferred it to the wall by using his roofing square. This method meant he had to re-sketch the design on the surface as the applied shingles advanced across the space, but was a simple and yet elegant solution.

    Because this was his own home, Richard was under no time pressure to complete his mural.  He began working on it during the fall of 2011, and plugged away at it on any day the thermometer crept above 40 degrees F.  He finally finished the project in the early spring of the following year.

    Richard has excellent advice for others interested in sprucing up their siding a bit as he did.  He does not recommend that siding novices attempt an undertaking like this, they can quickly get in over their heads.

    The most important aspect of any siding project is not the aesthetics of it but rather that it does the job that siding is meant to do:  shed water from the structure properly. Accomplishing that and incorporating a pleasing design into the siding at the same time can be an intimidating task, even for the experience DIYer.

    Richard’s giant is certainly clever and has given his home a unique look; but not all siding artwork needs to be as large and splashy.  There are many examples on his website of the cedar siding art of others;  from elaborate patterns in the house siding as a whole to small yet striking motifs:  a dove on the side of a church, a salmon in bas relief on a home. Great ideas to take the beauty of cedar to a new level!

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