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  • How to Create an Attractive & Functional Entryway in a Small Space

    Oddly enough the trend in these modern times is toward small homes instead of the McMansions of decades past, the home buying public in the US coming to realize that bigger is not always better after all. Smaller homes are more energy efficient, suitable for the smaller family sizes that have been common for many years; much cozier and less costly to maintain.

    Nevertheless, smaller spaces do have some challenges when it comes to everyday living. As Christine of www.thediydream.com has learned kitchens and entryways could always be larger, even in smaller homes!
    Christine has not as yet shared any plans for expanding her kitchen, but she has redone the entryway to her house with immensely satisfying results.

    She shares her experience at: http://thediydreamer.com/diy/small-entryway-shelf-with-hooks/

    It stands to reason that smaller homes will have entryways that seem small and cramped especially at certain times of the year. Most small house entryways are not the spacious foyers beloved for so many years.

    Christine noticed that in the winter, when the family was out playing in the snow and bundled up in layers of sweaters, coats, gloves, scarves and hats, that the small entry seemed even tinier! The family habit was to shed wet gloves and shoes in the entry, and hang damp coats off the knob of a closet that directly faced the front door.

    Not a very satisfactory arrangement in the dark of winter! Christine was desperate to renovate the space.

    Plans had formerly been to physically expand the entry space by removing the door of the closet and replacing it with cubes and cubbyholes into which overshoes, gloves, and scarves could be stowed safely out of the way. The idea was much talked about, but in the end, never materialized. It was just too much of a commitment of time, energy and expense that her busy family did not have to spare.

    Instead Christine came up with a solution that was simpler, and while it didn’t really expand the space, it made it appear larger and certainly greatly increased its functionality.

    The first step in the renovation was replacing the closet door—plain and the color of natural wood –with a five panel Shaker door. The panels added texture and visual interest, and the door was purchased already primed and ready to paint. The door was hung first, hinges (and knob) did not come with the purchase; painting came after.

    At the same time, the entry floor trim was removed, and Christine painted the entryway walls “Dreamscape Gray” interior eggshell enamel paint by Behr. The Shaker door and all trim were painted in the same manufacturer’s Ultra Pure White, Premium Satin Enamel paint with black hinges and doorknob.

    Already the space was taking a wonderful shape!

    Christine didn’t stop there! By introducing certain design elements she dramatically increased the capacity of the space to absorb all those extra winter layers of clothing! These included a shelf painted white to match the door and trim, beneath which were placed four coat hooks, in black to match the hinges and knob of the Shaker closet door. An additional “décor statement hook” in contrasting color was placed next to the closet for additional hanging space.

    Check out the other decorative choices that Christine added to the entryway to complete the transformation at the link above.