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  • Metallic Garage Floor Coating – DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Application

    Let’s face it; most garage floors are downright ugly!  Years of parking cars create oil spots and rust stains that deface the original surface; cracks can appear in concrete, and if the surface was previously painted, wear and tear on the floor will eventually degrade its finish.

    Over at www.motherdaughterprojects.com, Steph and Vicki, the eponymous mother and daughter are dedicated to sharing their experiences and adventures as they learn to DIY, maintain, fix and decorate their homes.

    Steph, the daughter had a garage floor that she had inherited in a half painted state, with a wide swath of carpeting down its center. Peeling back the carpet revealed a bitter truth; it had been laid to hide a completely inadequate and poorly executed paint job. Two of them in fact!

    Before the pair could even begin to consider how to upgrade the floor into something more attractive as well as utilitarian, they were faced with a great deal of back breaking preparation work.

    The carpet having been removed and discarded, the first step was to clean the floor thoroughly, which involved a lot of scraping, sweeping and vacuuming to get up all the flaking paint, dirt and other debris common to garage flooring.

    Next they tackled removing, or at least minimizing the oil and grease stains on the concrete surface.  They used a products designed especially for this purpose called Krud Katter, which was very effective in removing not only the oil but rust stains as well.

    Steph and Vicki had decided to use a Rustoleum product called Rock Solid in a Metallic Silver as the final finish to the floor.  The product required some additional preparation work, and the pair variously applied paint stripper (with less than complete success) and a floor polisher/sander to the concrete surface to make sure as much of the old paint as possible was removed.

    Cracks in the concrete then needed to be filled.  An initial purchase of filler turned out to be inadequate to the job, the consultants at Rustoleum customer support cautioned the pair that whatever filler they used, it must be able to bear the weight of an automobile routinely driving over it.

    They ended up purchasing a product in Rustoleum’s expanded line which was guaranteed to withstand just that kind of abuse  Once the floor was finally prepped to their satisfaction (and Rustoleum’s suggested standards)  the two ladies got down to applying the Rock Solid Epoxy finish.

    For detailed instructions, including links to their YouTube “how to” videos, be sure to check out the post at:


    The ladies learned a great deal from their experience, and from mistakes they made along the way.  One of the most valuable aspects of their wonderfully detailed blog post is the section of take-aways from their experience with the project. Here they go over some of the issues they faced, the recommended solutions from the manufacturer, and information gleaned in their own online investigations of the product and its process from other user and sites.

    The end result of their labors is a shiny glossy floor that is incredibly easy to clean, looks good enough to be a dance floor and which sets of Steph’s car to utter perfection!  You’ll be wanting one of your own!

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