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RenoCompare is an online educational resource of home remodeling and renovation information to help homeowners learn, schedule, and budget for interior and exterior home improvement projects, no matter what the size. From a replacement roof to a new ceiling fan, RenoCompare has you covered! And, if you want, we can match you to qualified and fully insured home improvement professionals in your area, who are eager and ready to help you complete your projects.

Jamie Sandford - Owner and Lead Editor at RenoCompareRenoCompare (Renovation Comparisons) was conceived and created by Jamie Sandford and the mission is to demystify home remodeling for homeowners with little to no experience with home improvement projects. Trying to project manage even a relatively simple project can be daunting if you don’t have a grasp of the basic terminology or knowledge of the available options. RenoCompare aims to fill that knowledge gap so that homeowners can start to research and compare different renovation projects with confidence.

Our user-friendly website makes it easy for visitors to navigate from major home remodeling projects to smaller “one and done” improvements. As you navigate from one project to another you will find articles covering all the essential information you will need.

Buyers Guides – RenoCompare provides project overview pages where you can get up to speed on jargon and terminology as well as discover the different available options and material types for each project.

Cost Guides – The best way to plan a project is to narrow your options down as quickly as possible. With our cost and price guides, you can determine quickly which materials and projects can be achieved within your budget.

Comparison Guides – This is where RenoCompare really excels with side-by-side comparisons of different building materials and projects. Helping you make clear informed decisions.

If there is a topic or renovation comparison that you would like to see added to the site, then please get in touch, and let us know – Contact Us


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