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About Us

Hi! I’m Grace, and he is Jim… Welcome to RenoCompare! renocompare - about us

RenoCompare was born in part from our joint love for all things to do with home renovation and design, but also in practicality as a place for us to store and compare all the cool ideas and  projects we came across as we worked our way through improving our own homes.

We soon realized that we were slowly creating a site where all aspects of home remodeling could be found: how to guides, trends, DIY projects, inspirations and ideas. Thus the site grew into this extensive library where you will find everything you need to know about renovating your home, both inside and out, in one place!

We’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively in our careers and have owned homes in England and France. Here are a couple of tours to show you what we did:

House 1: Townhouse in London, England
House 2: Village house in Rivel, France

We’ve since moved on from those homes, and for now we’re currently renting a house in a charming coastal town south of Montpellier, France, whilst we save up for the home of our dreams (basically, pretty much exactly like the one we’re renting, but with better curb appeal and a bigger bathroom!)

So, in the meantime we’re carrying on searching through pages and pages of amazing inspirational homes and décor sites to file away everything we love… we hope you’ll love them too! And if you think we’ll like your project, then why not tell us all about it here?

Our two beautiful kids arrived in 2011 and 2013, so I juggle my time between “Mama mode”, updating RenoCompare, and copywriting for a number of other websites. I have also self-published a little reference book reviewing Kids Literature to help new parents like me pass on the joy of reading.

Jim is a website manager in the home improvement industry – very helpful in this endeavour! – and when he isn’t online or in “Dad mode”, he enjoys the challenges of supporting the British soccer team Queen’s Park Rangers and getting out on his bike for one of France’s greatest national sports: road cycling.

Other things that bring us joy, in no particular order: encaustic ceramic tiles, salted caramel ice-cream, beach days, singing Disney hits really loudly in the car, watching HBO or AMC box-sets after the kids have gone to bed, wallpapered accent walls, chocolate croissants, walking in the woods, the five minute hiatus after we’ve done the big weekend house tidy up, going fast on waterslides, stylish storage solutions, random acts of kindness, color and light, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

We also get great joy from hearing back from our visitors who like what we’re doing, and you can contact us here.

We hope you’ll find inspiration on the pages of RenoCompare and that you too get to live in the home of your dreams!