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lady-sharing-picturesReaders, Visitors and Contractors help us create our Community at RenoCompare.com. One of the ways to interact with others is by sharing the projects you have taken on, big or small!

We love reading about what other homeowners and professionals are doing around their home, as well as seeing pictures and learning approximately how much each of the projects cost you to get done.

There are two ways to share your content with our Community:

  • As a Community Member – Joining our community is free and best for those of you who have several projects to share. We require that Community Members create a free account and sign-in before sharing projects and ask that you join our Members newsletter, so you’ll be in the loop when we have a need for projects you might be able to provide. Click here to setup your free member account.
  • As a Guest Contributor – If you don’t want to join our Community but still want to share your content, we cultivate the best submissions and feature a new contribution weekly. Click here or scroll down to the bottom of the page for guest project submissions.

Along with being a contributor, we encourage everyone to join the Community and discuss the projects in the comment section that follows each article.

Terms and Conditions of Content Submission

We’re pretty serious people who care about other peoples work, and especially how it fits in with our Community. We don’t have pages of legalese and prefer to take the route of common sense.  Please review our 5 project guidelines below, before submitting content or images.

  • The content you send to us must be original and yours to share. There is enough copied and pasted content on the Internet already, and we won’t take part in sharing re-written works of others or publishing duplicate content.
  • Your submission must include good quality images. As much as we love reading text, images are the life of our site and our Community loves looking at the project as they read about how it was completed.
  • The project you share must be complete. We’re not asking you to write a 10-chapter book about your project, but the text should be complete, thorough and as descriptive as possible, so our Community can get as much value from your accomplishment as you did.
  • We must know a bit about you. We understand that many people like to keep their personal info private and we respect that. However, in order to become a contributor at RenoCompare, we need some basic details about yourself. Name, short bio, if you have your own blog or website include the link, etc.
  • RenoCompare is not an article directory. If you are interested solely in promoting your own website, or you work for an agency promoting a client website, you’ll not find much success submitting your projects to us. Being a Pro does not exclude you from submitting content, but you’ll need tomake sure your content has real value for our readers.

After you submit your project to us, we’ll review the content and possibly feature it on our site soon! One way or another, you’ll hear back from us in fairly short order.

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