Small Bedroom Ideas – How to Decorate and Design a Small Bedroom Space

Let’s face it, we can’t all live in giant houses with massive rooms and huge closets. But just because your small bedroom won’t appear on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous anytime soon doesn’t mean that it can’t be sophisticated and packed with style. In this bedroom design post, we’ll look at some tips, tricks, and ideas to keep in mind when decorating small bedrooms. With a little creativity, you can turn your snug space into a dreamy retreat.

One important thing to remember when decorating a small room is to keep it open and clutter-free. This will make a small bedroom feel more expansive and less cramped. Find unique ways to sneak in storage, such as floating shelves or a trunk at the foot of the bed. Also, embrace the natural light in your bedroom using sheer curtains or blinds that can be pulled all the way up. Mirrors help to reflect the natural light, too. Finally, don’t be afraid to go for bold ideas in your small bedroom. Sure, white is the go-to color in a small room, but using fun paint colors and punchy prints makes an impact and takes the focus away from the room’s dimensions.

Take a look through the following small bedroom ideas and get inspiration to make the most of every inch of your small room. For all our interior decoration ideas click here.

Petite PrettyPetite Pretty

This small bedroom idea packs a punch! Bold patterns on the bed and the windows and an elegant chandelier add big style.

Cheery SpaceCheery Space

Sunny yellow walls and the graphic green print on the bed liven up this bedroom in a 19th century schoolhouse, and take the focus away from its small size. Built-in bookshelves is a clever storage idea for a small bedroom and makes great use of the minimal wall space.

Look UpLook Up

When decorating a small space, every inch matters. Shelves are placed all the way up to the ceiling to take advantage of vertical space and magazines and books serve as a makeshift nightstand in this tiny Swedish bedroom.


What this small master bedroom lacks in size, it makes up for in sophisticated style. Detailed moldings and a detail at the top of the curtains draws the eye up, making the room feel taller. Notice the curtains are hung as close to the ceiling as possible to make the room appear taller.

Accent WallAccent Wall

An accent wall, either painted with a fun color or covered in a beautiful wallpaper, creates a striking focal point, and acts as a distraction from the bedroom’s small proportions.  The wide small dressers are a clever storage idea too.

Double DutyDouble Duty

When you have a small bedroom, make your furniture do double-duty. In this Brooklyn studio apartment, designer Nick Olsen used nightstands with storage and a desk that plays the role of a footboard.

Visual InterestVisual Interest

Fun and colorful accessories, along with textural bamboo blinds and a distinctive light fixture add visual appeal to this small guest bedroom design. Small garden stools at the foot of the bed provide seating without taking up too much space.

Cozy ChicCozy Chic

Embrace the coziness and turn your small bedroom into a private retreat! Placing the bed horizontally and surrounding it my curtains create a cocoon-like atmosphere. A white poof and a petite side table are the finishing touches to this very cool bedroom idea.

Bedroom NookBedroom Nook

A charming quilt, fresh flowers, and beachy photographs make this little bedroom nook special. Even if you don’t have a dedicated master bedroom, you can still create a special space. The red-and-white chevron pillows and chunky seagrass baskets add texture and interest.

Fun and FunkyFun and Funky

Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Using all-over wallpaper is a great way to conceal awkward angles and bright colors energize this small girl’s bedroom by designer Katie Rosenfeld.

Eclectic TouchesEclectic Touches

A dramatic color behind the bed, Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams in this case, surrounded by storage shelving, creates a reverse headboard and great organization space. Leaving the rest of the walls and the floor white keeps this small bedroom idea light and fresh.

Rug LoveRug Love

Some of designer Emily A. Clark’s favorite small rooms are the ones where the size is simply ignored for a bold idea – and this small bedroom is nothing short of bold. The large four-poster bed creates the illusion of taller ceilings. Also, using different rugs under the bed and the table visually distinguish different areas, making the room seem bigger.

California BrightCalifornia Bright

Vivid fabrics and accessories keep the eye moving around this bedroom in a small California cottage, you might not even notice the size. The bedside nesting tables are a smart choice that can be taken out or put away as needed.

White and BrightWhite and Bright

Using all-white is a go-to technique when trying to make a small bedroom look bigger. This room takes that idea literally, but if all white isn’t for you, try an ice blue or a pale mint green.


If you’re lucky enough to have large windows or even access to the outside through your small bedroom, don’t hide it! Choose window treatments that frame the view rather than distract from it, sheer fabrics let the light through while still providing privacy.

Just EnoughJust Enough

A little bit of pattern goes a long way when decorating a small bedroom. The roman blinds and the rug are both in a medium brown tone, keeping prints in similar colors that feel less busy and won’t overwhelm the small space.

Mirror, MirrorMirror, Mirror

Hanging mirrors is a great idea in a small master bedroom as it visually expands a small space and reflects light. The placement of the mirrors in this bedroom creates a sophisticated panel effect.

On The HorizonOn the Horizon

Stripes are a small bedroom’s best friend! Vertical stripes make the ceilings appear higher, while horizontal stripes can broaden the width of this small room design idea.

Show Some LegShow Some Leg

Using furniture with legs, such as the bench and nightstands in this small bedroom design by Rethink Design Studio, as opposed to furniture that goes all the way to floor, can make a small room appear larger. Being able to see the floor underneath gives the piece a floating feeling instead of stopping your gaze right at the front.

Exercise your OptionsExercise Your Options

No room for bedside lamps? Use a pair of stylish sconces instead! Fixtures on swinging arms ensure just the right lighting for reading in bed. Small pendant lights can also be hung on either side of the bed when lamps aren’t an option.

Abundant ArtworkAbundant Artwork

Of course, the artwork looks good in any room, but your favorite photographs, paintings, and abstract prints play an important role when decorating a small bedroom.  Hanging some special pieces gives you something to look at other than the room’s dimensions.

Rules of SymmetryRules of Symmetry

Utilizing matching nightstands, accents, and even pillows on either side of the bed can produce a sense of balance and calm when organizing a small bedroom. Soft colors and carefully selected accessories keep the space open and clutter-free.

Sunny SpotSunny Spot

Several interesting features prevent this tight sleeping space from feeling sparse. Thick window casings and beadboard wainscoting add traditional style. Unique storage ideas, like these baskets, are a must in a small bedroom.

Not Afraid of the DarkNot Afraid of the Dark

Most examples of small bedroom ideas feature white paint and light-colored furniture, but dark colors can also work. Moodier hues and dark wood can make for a cozy, welcoming environment, perfect for a restful retreat.

Boho StyleBoho Style

Sometimes in a small room, placing the bed in front of the window is the only option, but you can make it work. Use a small headboard – or go without one altogether and add a few extra pillows. Keep the curtains sheer to let in maximum natural light and introduce pops of bright colors with a rug or a throw.

If you have some small bedroom ideas that you are particularly proud of then please submit them to us today and we will feature them here.


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