5 Easy $50 Projects that Can Change a Room Overnight

When bored with how our homes look or when wanting to impress a special guest we sometimes start a major home improvement project which we later regret doing. Save yourself the headache and the money of a complete redo by simply fine-tuning your living space.

1) A room’s ambiance can be easily manipulated by the use of light. To cozy up a very bright space, adjust the warmth of the room by changing the lamp shades. A lamp shade that is either dark in color or thick in texture will cast shadow and light differently, changing the entire look of your room. Lamp shades vary in price by size and design. On average, expect to pay about $20 per standard sized lamp shade.

2. Adding an accent color is an easy and fun way to change a room overnight. Perhaps you have a gray guest room that seems a bit too clinical. Pick one color and buy several simple knick-knacks in that color. Easy and inexpensive purchases could be pottery, simple statues, and candlesticks. A great place to find such items is in the clearance section of your favorite home decor store. If you happen to already own a lot of mismatched decorative items buy a can of spray paint about $8.00 and create your own statement pieces.

3. Cords to lamps, electronics, and appliances look tacky and can detract from an otherwise beautiful decorum. A small bundle of Velcro cord ties can be purchased for about $12.00. These tie cords are easy to use and within minutes you can hide all of your cords, giving your abode an organized appearance.

4. Pick a fragrance which defines the atmosphere you want to create then purchase a few items with that scent. The trick is not to give you or your guests a migraine but to associate your home with this pleasing aroma and have it carry from room to room. Hand lotions, hand soaps, counter sprays, room spritzers, candles, wax warmers, and plug-in air fresheners can all be a part of your arsenal. A high-end candle can cost around $25.00 but will be worth the money as the scent will fragrance a large space. Delicate soaps and small bottles of essential oils can be purchased typically for about $10.00 each.

5. Add towels, table runners, and placemats to bare tables and countertops in your home. The addition of color plus texture will add depth and luxury to your space. To get the best deals, buy hand-woven textiles from farmer’s markets and online artisan shops like Etsy. Expect to pay about $15.00 per handmade linen hand towel when buying directly from an artisan.

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