28 Attic Guest Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Remodeling your attic into a fully usable extra bedroom is a great idea if you love your home but are in desperate need of more space. With sloping walls, chunky beams and skylights, it pretty easy to see how the non-classic space of an attics can be transformed into creative fun-filled children’s bedrooms (for kids attic bedroom ideas think space-ships, tree-houses, fairy-dens etc…).

But, if what you need is a grown-up bedroom for adults, those sloping walls and beams can seem at odds with creating a welcoming space to unwind and rest. Working out the best bedroom design within an unconventional space, and utilizing the attic structure so that it doesn’t feel cramped, dark or dingy is a challenge.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of extremely talented designers out there who have risen to the challenges of the attic remodel to create truly inspirational spaces to suit every taste. Whether you want to maximize original features such as exposed beams with a rustic design, prefer a slick and contemporary paired back look, or have a bold statement design in mind, there are attic remodel ideas here to inspire you. Click here for more bedroom ideas and designs

1. Barn Loft Conversion

barn loft conversion

One of the most beautiful aspects of an attic remodel is being able to leave features like original beams and brick walls exposed. Doing this can naturally lead to a rustic contemporary design aesthetic, like the beautiful room pictured here.

2. New Barn

new barn

This new-built barn has purposefully been designed to make a feature of these chunky exposed beams, creating a very solid, safe and cozy feel in this bedroom.

3. Polo Club

polo club

Sticking within a tight color scheme but adding lots of different textures in the soft furnishings and furniture gives a rich, warm and opulent feel to this small attic bedroom idea.

4. Essex Farm House

essex farm house

This historic building has taken the exposed beam theme to the max! The half-timbered structure has been cleverly integrated into the design to separate the bedroom area from the dressing area.

5. Stable House

stable house

A somewhat more contemporary feel has been achieved in this attic bedroom by painting the beams and using cool colored furnishings in chrome, gray and taupe tones. Note the color-matched leather patches added to the beams to avoid sore heads in case of bumps!

6. Hampstead


This loft bedroom idea has been designed to incorporate the original brick chimney, using it to frame the bed’s headboard. And by carefully balancing a mix of modern and traditional furniture the room is both quirky and comfortable.

7. Edgartown Boat House

edgartown boat house

The bedroom at the top of this Cape Cod boat house is simple and elegant, sticking to a white on white palette paired with warm honey-brown period furniture.

8. Bovina House

bovina house

Whilst the exposed beams and ceiling panels in this attic bedroom idea does make the room somewhat dark, it is kept from being dingy by the duck-egg blue bedding and good lighting.

9. Shutter House

shutter house

Another design that makes a feature of the impressive swathe of exposed wooden ceiling, this time by purposefully drawing attention to it with the equally impressive statement bed.

10. Lake house

lake house

And in this attic remodel the dark, stained, exposed beams are mirrored by the dark, wooden bed base and bedside tables; and then the space is lightened with pink tones in the bed linen and headboard and that superb splash of vibrant green from the cushion.

11.Maison V

maison v

Having exposed beams does not mean that you also have to have a rustic theme, as amply demonstrated in this cool, classy and very contemporary attic master bedroom above.

12. Butler


For maximum contemporary wow factor, adding as many gigantic skylights as you can is essential! This wonderfully airy space makes full use of the light by keeping the furniture mainly white and very slick.

13. Michael Kyle

michael kyle

If skylights aren’t an option, you might consider adding an extra long window that creates a wonderful living work of art in your room: keep all the rest of the furnishings simple, stylish and clean to make that amazing view the major focal point.

14. Wicklow


Don’t you just love the simple elegance of this attic bedroom design idea? Rounding out the sloping walls softens this quiet space; and the gorgeous herringbone parquet is allowed to be the focus of the room with unfussy, uncluttered furniture.

15. River Cottage

river cottage

Another very simple, very elegant space, this time using an eclectic mix of classic, ethnic and modern furnishings to create the grown-up feel that this is the secluded retreat of a seasoned traveler.

16. Bracknell Gardens

bracknell gardens

Here three key elements combine to make this a truly grown-up attic remodel idea: large windows bringing light and the outdoors into the room; a careful mix of modern and old furnishings; a statement artwork. Very chic!

17. Putney


This contemporary attic bedroom is more classical in its design, using bright matching accent colors to keep it fresh. Made-to-measure fitted cupboards are an essential item to budget for when you’re remodeling your attic space.

18. Coastal


Attic renovations are a great place to experiment with wallpapers – the unusual wall shapes add extra interest to make the most of your paper pattern.

19. South London

south london

A welcoming guest bedroom: a large skylight, beautifully co-coordinated soft furnishings and wallpaper is all that is needed to make this smallish attic space comfortable.

20. Landmark


Another stylishly co-coordinated loft remodel: bold royal blues are a great contrast to the golds and creams in the bedding and headboard.

21. Landmark 2


A floating ceiling has been added to this attic bedroom to create a more standard space, but the mirrored fitted cupboards give away the sloping attic walls; by the way mirrored cupboards are a genius way to make a room seem even bigger than it is!

22. Periwinkles


Another, even more genius way to use mirrors is demonstrated here: the mirrored panels on the walls reflect the super pretty stained glass semi-circle window, filling this simple attic room with color and light.

23. Palisades Riviera

palisades riviera

Attic remodeling is the perfect opportunity to create dramatic design statements. Here everything has been considered – the pointed headboard, the oval window, and the glittering chandelier – to create a chic, bold focal statement as soon as you enter.

24. Nantucket Inn

nantucket inn

Here the fantastic chandelier light and sparkling chrome globular bedside lamps add a bit of grown-up glitz to this otherwise quite sedate interior design.

25. Mill Valley

mill valley

An attic bedroom is the perfect place to play out bold design statements. The zany pairing of purples and fuchsia pinks, contemporary designs and fun polka dot wallpaper with a calming white background injects fun whilst still keeping this space one for adults.

26. Kingswood


Another fabulously vibrant headboard combined with that gorgeously tranquil blue wall paint, complimenting patterned fabrics and interesting furniture makes for a truly inviting bedroom.

27. Maison Lamor-Plage

maison lamor-plage

The wall enclosing the en-suite bathroom here has been made into a charming statement feature; clad in distressed wooden boards it also reflects the coastal location of this contemporary home.

28. Southampton


And finally for the ultimate attic bedroom remodel statement, consider this fantastic feather wallpaper dressing every one of the sloping walls and culminating in a striking owl design on the throw cushion! Amazing!

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