How to Remodel a Balcony Patio Without Rebuilding It!

Here’s an interesting conundrum: you’ve got a pretty great pad, it’s in the ideal location, has a great view, lots of space… the only problem is design-wise it’s seriously bland and because you’re renting it there’s not much you can do to remodel it! Hmm – what to do?

Well, landscape architectural designer and artist Ananda, at, has the perfect answer. She was in this very situation – renting an apartment with a great location, shame about the looks – and applied just a little bit of lateral thinking with a lot of gorgeous design flair to build a room within a room in her balcony patio space! And get this: she mainly used a bunch of old wooden pallets!

The clever creativity of her plan meant that she could completely respect the terms of her rental agreement (no drilling into or attaching to existing walls, no painting existing surfaces including floor, walls and ceiling). And by adding plenty of exotic greenery and brightly colored accessories she has created a veritable tropical paradise that is a much more comfortable outdoor space than what she had before. What we really like is the way this patio set matches the balcony height, everything’s perfectly contained.

Below are just three of the images from her excellent post, scroll down to the end of the article to visit the full post for yourselves. And click here if you would like to learn more about brick patio design, remodels and ideas.

tropical pallet 1

tropical pallet

tropical pallet 3
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