How to Make a Painted Rug on your Deck

A really quick and easy way to spruce up your deck is to create a hand-painted area rug on it! That’s exactly what Lynn from The Vintage Nest did to great effect. Scroll down to see how she transformed her deck with little more than a pencil, some paint, a paint roller, a decent angle brush and an old stencil pattern! As you can see from Lynn’s project, the finished result not only rejuvenated her deck, but also defined the dining area on the deck.

Painted floor rugs can be as creative or as simple as you like. Using the natural direction of the decking boards will help you create a striped or boxed pattern, like Lynn’s rug; and you can use stencils or other found objects to help make a more intricate design.


And our top tip for painting a truly personalized area rug on your deck: pop down to your local hardware store and grab a bunch of outdoor floor paint sample pots that color coordinate with your existing outdoor furnishings and décor!

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painted rug1

painted rug 2

painted rug3

painted rug4

To read the full details of this painted deck rug, check out Lynn’s blog here:

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