nautical inspired vintage style ceiling fan
In the past few years the trend towards the incorporation of industrial design in home décor has become increasingly popular. What is industrial decor and how does it work in interior home design? In this weeks project we share a clever makeover that turns a typical domestic ceiling fan into a cool industrial, vintage style ceiling fan.

Basically, industrial design ideas embrace components in building construction that in decades paste designers might have gone to great lengths to hide. These include exposed pipes, open duct work and many other “raw” elements and features that one does not usually associate with traditional home living spaces.

Additionally, special effort is made to furnish and accessorize living spaces with functional everyday items that reflect the industrial motif. Metallic surfaces, including walls, doors and countertops predominate as do found items that can be adapted to new, unique uses. The beauty of utilizing industrial design concepts at home is that it needn’t be an all or nothing proposition. You can incorporate as many or as few of these versatile style ideas into your home renovation projects as you see fit.

Going industrial doesn’t necessarily mean fitting out an entire house to resemble a warehouse. Just a few small touches can add visual interest to otherwise very traditional décor. This retro, vintage style ceiling fan is a good example of just that.

Get the Retro/Vintage Look Using Mattress Springs and Edison Bulbs!

A favorite blogger of ours, Kim Six at wanted to update an existing ceiling fan in her baby’s nursery. The baby’s room had been decorated in a nautical theme and the old fan with its frosted glass shades really wasn’t cutting it for Kim. Had it been up to her, she might have removed the fan entirely, but air circulation in this precious sleeping space was mandatory. The nursery was over a garage space and would be too hot and stuffy for her infant without the fan in place.

Kim took to the internet for replacement fan assemblies. She scoped out a brand new industrial looking ceiling fan that caught her eye and fired her imagination, but it cost over $400 dollars. This was money she just didn’t have in her limited nursery make-over budget.

Kim is a devoted re-purposing aficionado and an inveterate thrift store shopper. It was while she was on one of her treasure hunts through the local flea market that she stumbled upon an ingenious solution to her ceiling fan dilemma: vintage box mattress springs! An unusual idea for a light shade, but have a look here:

mattress spring for ceiling fan
Fortunately for Kim when she got the springs home, she discovered that they were almost the same size as the frosted glass light fixture shades she hated. With a little judicious trimming, they would fit perfectly into the shade housing. Whipping out her hacksaw and applying a little elbow grease she soon had a unique shade to the bulbs in the ceiling fan. Her cost? All of three dollars for three springs! That is less than a latte at her favorite coffee shop!

She also opted to swap out the light bulbs in the fixture, replacing the conventional bulbs with Edison bulbs. This not only provided an additional touch of retro chic to the room, the Edison bulbs were warmer and softer, ideally suited to a nursery.

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