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  • Bedroom Chair Rail Ideas

    The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big difference to your bedroom. Simply install a chair rail in the bedroom and you’re on your way. Bedroom chair rail molding is inexpensive and easy to install, and provides an opportunity to introduce a second paint color, wallpaper, or beadboard above or below the molding, as these bedroom chair rail ideas demonstrate beautifully.

    While a couple of the bedroom chair rail ideas shown below are children’s bedrooms, the ideas can easily translate into the master bedroom. (Why should the kids have all the fun?)

    Hopefully these chair  rail moldings photos can provide you with inspiration to a great bedroom getaway that you never want to leave! For more on chair rail molding click here and discover more ideas for the living room and bathroom.

    Nautical Nurserynautical nurserySource: projectnursery.com

    The chair rail in this bedroom separates the watery-blue grasscloth from sandy-hued paint in this nautical nursery. Grasscloth, an alternative to traditional wallpaper, instantly adds texture and subtle pattern to any room.

    Pretty Patternspretty patternsSource: top100design.com

    This charming girl’s bedroom features not two, but three wall colors – one above, one below, and a bold stripe of fuchsia behind the chair rail, and helps tie together all the different pretty patterns in the room.

    Pop of Colorpop of colorSource: www.nor-son.com

    Placing a chair rail molding two-thirds of the way up the wall allows for a pop of fun neon color up top, while allowing for a more neutral gray to be the dominant shade in this child’s bedroom.

    Classic Sophisticationclassic sophisticationSource: www.pinterest.com

    This classic bedroom chair rail brings sophistication and visual interest. The bottom color grounds the room while the lighter gray helps the small space from becoming too dark.

    Charming Coastalcharming coastalSource: www.francescaowings.com

    This chair rail and wainscoting add traditional elements to the coastal hues and natural wood textures used in this charming lake-house bedroom. The molding is also mimicked around the windows.

    Elegant Definitionelegant definitionSource: www.sarahrichardsondesign.com

    Another excellent way to use chair rail molding in the bedroom is to provide definition with sloped walls or awkwardly angled ceilings. In this bedroom, the chair rail designates where to place the darker wall color and the lighter ceiling color.

    Modern Touchmodern touchSource: www.marycook.com

    Sometimes one chair rail just isn’t enough! Here, three flat moldings add interest and a modern touch.

    Attractive Accentattractive accentSource: www.sarahrichardsondesign.com

    Painting all the walls of this bedroom blue could potentially create a dark and dreary space. But keeping the hue to the portion of the wall below the chair rail, the blue works as an attractive accent and plays off the other blue pieces in the space.

    Bright and Freshbright and freshSource: www.houseofturquoise.com

    In this bright and fresh coastal bedroom, the grasscloth and chair rail molding treatment balance out the textures of the wood floor, plank ceiling, and plush rug.

    Animal Magicanimal magicSource: www.huntedinterior.com

    A high chair rail and white paint temper the punchy animal-print wallpaper used above the molding in this stylish and eclectic bedroom.