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2-Car Garage Door with Windows

2-Car Garage Door with Windows

Adding a garage onto an existing home offers many perks including extra storage space, protecting your car from harsh weather such as ice, snow or extreme heat and a safe and secure point of access to your home. Garage additions are generally quite expensive, but in today’s housing market you can get an average 65% return on investment if you decide to sell your home. That puts garage additions near the top of good home investments, with kitchen remodels topping the list. Many homeowners choose to install a workshop area creating space for the storage of tools and materials needed to complete your next DIY project. Most garage additions will be built by a licensed, insured and qualified contractor, but there are small garage projects that can be completed by a handy homeowner.

On this page of, review pictures of new garages, some built by other homeowners and others by contractors. Hopefully you can get a few ideas for your project or share your recently completed project pictures and costs with us.

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  • Custom carriage-house doors, a cuppola and lantern-style light fixture transform this garage from eye sore to architectural attraction. | Photo: Tria Giovan |
  • This Connecticut backyard barn is just one of dozens of different design that come with architect Don Berg's inexpensive Maple Barn, Garage and Workshop building plan set.
  • LOVE this garage screen door!  Who knew??   Pretty and affordable too!
  • Shed / Workshop / Garden Shed style. Love the high windows/ natural light.
  • The Compact Door has been designed to incorporate the advantages of both Roller Shutter and Overhead Sectional Doors and to overcome their inherent disadvantages.
  • Project: Shipping Container Garage: Builds and Project Cars forum: Grassroots Motorsports
  • 8 of the best Millionaire Super Garages. Check out this  'Ironman style' mansion. You won't quite believe this... #mindblown #luxury #spon
  • How to Update a Garage Door
  • Sleek frosted glass garage door with matching pergola trellis really compliments the brick exterior.
  • THIS ONE!!!!!!!!! THIS ONE!!!!! PLEASE  This is exactly what I have been looking for, even the right color, perhaps just a little wider so two cars could fit just fine
  • 10 Great Garage Conversions : Rooms : Home & Garden Television
  • Great tutorial on how to paint a garage floor. I can't believe what a difference this makes! //
  • Garages - 4 bay garage with workshop, mechanical room, bathroom and apartment entry on main floor.  2 bedroom apartment  above (1200 sq ft)
  • Out-Of-The-Way Ladder Storage Unless you use your ladder on a daily basis, you can build two identical ceiling brackets to rest your ladder on and keep it out of your way until needed.
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