Store Power Tools Using a DIY French Cleat System

We all need storage space for our power tools, but if you want to keep your tools organized, and always have quick easy access to them, then storing them away in a cupboard, box, shelf or drawers can be self-defeating.

Using a French cleat system is a great way to keep all your tools visible, in order and close to hand. It’s a system that’s easy to install yourself and the finished results make you look like a handyman/woman who knows what they’re doing!

The photos below are from a great diy guide that we found over at April’s Wilker Do’s blog. Follow the link at the bottom of this post to get the full step by step instructions for all the power tool storage in her project.

Power tool cleat storage

Circular Saw storage


pine plankcutting the slot

Preparing the cleat

The cleat


Circular saw hanging on cleat

See the full project here where Katie takes you through the steps for creating french cleats for many other power tools including cordless drills, sanders, routers, jigsaw, nail guns and battery chargers:



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