Complete Home Addition Ideas and Costs

There are many types of home additions to choose from, including sunrooms, garages, bathrooms, bedrooms and even adding another story to your home. Typically a home addition will be built as a stand-alone structure, but you can also build bump-outs that add extra space to a pre-existing room, such as adding extra square footage to a master bedroom to make it roomier. A well-planned and executed home addition can have a lasting effect on the comfort of your home by adding extra living space as well as increasing the resale value in the event you decide to sell.

Adding an addition to your home can range from the fairly inexpensive to the extremely costly, depending on the size of the space, the quality of materials and the number of contractors that need to be involved.  Most home additions are major projects and will require many types of contractors from roofing to flooring and plumbing, but there are some small projects that a homeowner could complete, such as a small bathroom or storage shed.

Unfinished Home Addition

On this page of you will find in-depth reports and comparisons of all the different types of home additions available and the best materials for your particular project. Get ideas for your own project, or share a completed project of your own.

Home Addition Ideas

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