Replacement Faucets for Kitchens and Bathrooms

There are many reasons you might choose to replace a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. You may be replacing one that has broken or it could be part of a remodeling project. In either case, replacing a faucet can immediately have an impact on the room by making it look fresh, clean and updated. There are endless choices when it comes to faucets and in order to make the right decision for your area you should take into consideration the functionality, features and finish. But always bear in mind that not all faucets will work with your existing sink, so do your research well before embarking on this project.

Faucets can be mounted directly onto the wall behind your sink or drilled into the sink itself or into the countertop (in which case they can be set left, right or center depending on the sink); you can also choose from faucets with a single mixer lever or with dual knobs for hot and cold, or with multifunction tabs that will switch the water flow from gentle stream to a more powerful jet, or with extendible hoses which help direct water outside of the sink (useful for filling buckets or cleaning bins).

There are also different materials to consider: nickel faucets are by far the most popular due to the clean look they give the area and the overall strength and durability. But in recent years, chrome has been making a comeback and is widely used today, where brass is a thing of the past unless you have a very opulent kitchen or bath. Replacing a faucet is fairly easy and most likely you will not need a contractor to complete this project.

Kitchen Sink with Tall Faucet

On this page of, review different types of faucets and prices installed and replaced by other homeowners and contractors. Get ideas for your own project, or share a completed project of your own.

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