Kitchen Island Ideas and Costs

Walk into any home that has been built in the last ten years and more often than not, it has a kitchen island. Kitchen islands come in many types, sizes and materials and serve as a very useful addition to an older home as well. You can have something as simple as a butcher block table top with storage cabinets or a full food preparation station that includes a cooktop and sink.

If you want to incorporate your island into the home so that it is part of your living area as well as your kitchen, consider installing one that has a seating area. This type of island helps you to spend more time with your family while you prepare dinner and serves as a perfect place to entertain guests while you refill appertizers and prepare cocktails. Some kitchen island additions can easily be completed by a homeowner, but if you want to includes cooktops and sinks, you are better served using a professional to do the job.

Modern Kitchen

On this page of, review different types of kitchen islands and the cost to install or replace. Get ideas for your own project, or share a completed project of your own.

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