Outdoor Grill Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burgers or steaks grilling outside on a warm evening. Outdoor grilling with family, friends and neighbors is at the top of the list of summer activities. There are a couple of basic types of outdoor grills and the one you choose should reflect not only your style but include the functions or special options that you prefer. Gas grills are by far the most popular and versatile. You can choose to have your gas grill run on a propane bottle or have a natural gas line run just for your grill.

The pros of a gas grill are their ease of use, quick heatup and easy cleanup. However, depending on your style of barbecuing, you may prefer a charcoal grill if you like the added flavor and ability to smoke meats. Grills can be found in different finishes and should be chosen depending on where you plan to put your grill. Cast aluminum will not rust so they are a good choice to leave outside year-round, while stainless steel grills should be stored covered.

Outdoor Grill with Palm Trees in Background

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