How Much Does a Covered Patio Cost?


$3,360 – $6,240 is the Average Cost for a 12X20 Foot Covered Patio

The cost of a covered patio is $5 to $60+ per square foot, depending on the material and the type of support structure needed. The average cost range is $14 to $26 per square foot for popular options.

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April 6, 2023 Author: Jamie

The cost estimates above clearly show the broad range of prices for a covered patio. You have many choices for covered patios, starting with low-cost vinyl and lattice and ending with high-end aluminum and glass, something to suit every budget. This cost report covers all your material options and costs and explores the different types of covers, like awnings, pergolas or gazebos, etc. You’ll also find complete project costs for each material and type for 240 square foot patios – roughly 12’ x 20’ or 15’ x 15’.

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The prices quoted are for materials and professional installation. RenoCompare can help match you with qualified contractors in your local area. After you’ve read through this post, click here for free, no-obligation quotes and quality home improvement services.

Covered vs. Enclosed Patios? A fully enclosed patio, i.e., full enclosures, is a separate, more costly project. Please take a look at our enclosed patio cost report. The focus here is on patio covers with minimal wall structure.

Brown wooden lattice patio cover roof

Let’s take a further look at average prices.


The average covered patio cost is $20 per square foot or $4,800 for a 12’ x 20’ patio.

Here is an overview of popular covered patio materials and their cost per square foot. Later in this report, each option for your outdoor living space is considered with pros, cons, and prices.

Material Cost per Square Foot
Vinyl Fabric Cover $7 – $16
Vinyl Lattice $10 – $20
Wood Lattice $12 – $28
Wood Panel Cover $16 – $40
Fiberglass $15 – $38
Aluminum $22 – $65
Glass $30 – $75
Insulated Covers $24 – $52
Galvanized Steel $10 – $18
Canvas $9 – $16

Remember that these covered patios either attach to your home or require some support structure like an aluminum or wood frame design. But those supports are usually part of the kit or design from the manufacturer.

All prices include installation labor cost, which generally runs between $2  and $6 per square foot depending on the material and type.


This section turns the cost per square foot into the total cost for a 240-square-foot cover over the patio. It doesn’t include the cost of installing the patio, such as pavers or a concrete slab.

Covered Patio Cost by Material

Material 240 Square Foot Covered Patio
Ex. 12′ x 20′ Patio
Vinyl $1,680 – $4,800
Canvas/Cloth $2,160 – $3,840
Wood Lattice/Pergola $2,400 – $4,800
Wood Panel $3,840 – $9,600
Aluminum Lattice/Pergola $5,280 – $15,600
Aluminum Panel $4,400 – $8,500
Fiberglass Lattice/Pergola $3,600 – $9,120
Steel Panel $2,400 – $4,320
Glass Panel $7,200 – $18,000


Vinyl is a popular and affordable choice for patio covers. It gives homeowners plenty of options too.

Vinyl awnings with manual opening/retraction start at less than $4 per sq. ft. for the awning, with installation costing an extra $200 – $350.

Motorized vinyl awnings raise the price from $12 to about $18 per square foot, plus installation. Handy homeowners can DIY install either type.

Vinyl PVC lattices and pergolas cost less than natural wood and metal options, but they won’t rot like wood can. Be aware that they can look a bit cheap depending on the specific model’s quality. Expect to pay $6.50 to $14 per square foot for the structure and another $100 to $300 if you hire a handyman to assemble it.

Did you know? Clear vinyl and plastic patio covers are available for use with lattice structures and pergolas. They keep out the rain but allow in the natural light. Cost can be as low as $1 per sq. ft. They’re like a clear tarp, eight mils to 12 mils thick, with eyelets/grommets securing them to the structure.


Most aluminum-covered patios are lattice covers or pergolas. But aluminum awnings, which are fixed and can’t retract, are also available.

For most options, aluminum lattice structures and pergolas cost $25 to $50 per square foot, though the most expensive cost more than $60/per foot. They offer minimum shade, but again, they can be covered with cloth for increased sun blocking.

Lattice covers and aluminum pergolas are usually coated, and a wide range of colors are available. An advantage is that even if the coating is scratched or chipped, the underlying aluminum won’t rust.

Aluminum sheet awnings run $22 to $30/sq. ft. installed by a contractor. You can save up to $6/sq. ft. with DIY installation. Again, many color options are offered.


Retractable awnings with vinyl, sailcloth, or cotton canvas covers offer shade when you want it, and open sky when you don’t.

Awnings with manual retraction are much more affordable, with a starting price of about $8 per square foot installed. They’re easy to use and come in many sizes and a rainbow of colors.

Motorized awnings are 2-3 times the cost at $16 to $24 installed. There’s a good selection of sizes and colors to provide shade for your patio or deck.


A lattice patio cover has become a popular choice in the last few decades. You have a few material options to consider.

The majority are wood. A cheap DIY kit starts at less than $10 per square foot. Most contractor installed or assembled wood lattice covers are in the $18 – $24 range, with the most ornate and highest quality topping out at around $28/sq. ft.

Vinyl is an affordable alternative to real wood. Most are DIY kits picked up at local home improvement stores or ordered online. You can hire a handyman to assemble and install it, but that will likely double the cost.

Vinyl lattice patio covers range in cost from $8 to $16 per sq. ft.

Aluminum and fiberglass lattice structures are more durable than wood, and many are textured to resemble wood, but they don’t have a natural wood feel. The look is more contemporary.

Fiberglass lattice-covered patios are $15 to $38 per square foot, while aluminum is costlier at $22 to $45 for most, with the most expensive priced at around $65/sq. ft.


While many lattice structures are attached to the home, pergolas are more often freestanding patio covers.

Your material options are much the same as with lattice covers – PVC vinyl is the cheapest, followed by entry-level wood structures. Fiberglass, aluminum, and premium real wood cost more.

Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot for a pergola. You’ll save money with a kit – roughly $3 to $6 per square foot – based on the design’s complexity. But you’ll want at least one helper in putting together the pergola.

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Having choices is ideal because they allow you to use your backyard patio during more days and seasons of the year.


Awnings give you fully shaded space when you want it. Some are fixed, but paying more for a retractable awning, whether manual or motorized, gives you a full-sun option when you want it.

Solid wood and aluminum or light steel panels provide permanent shade and shelter from the rain. The downside is that you won’t get any sunlight to enjoy or to use your patio for growing space for potted flowers and vegetables.

Partial Shade

Lattice-covered patios, louvered covers, and pergolas have beams or rafters overhead that supply either full shade or no shade based on where you sit. As the sun moves, it varies.

Some homeowners find this annoying whether they want to sunbathe or seek a shady spot to escape direct sunlight. One solution is to use a lattice/pergola cover for full shade when that’s what you want.

Choose material with the density that allows through the amount of light you like, from flimsy lightweight cotton to heavier canvas. Some options are water-resistant or waterproof, so you can leave them on in any weather and even use the patio when it rains.


You’ll appreciate some breeze on warm, humid days.

Of course, most outdoor ceiling fans require a permanent cover like solid wood, aluminum, or steel panels. A waterproof cover over a lattice or a pergola will work too. Cost starts below $200 and ranges to $1,000 or more based on size and features like lighting.

There are quite a few wet-rated ceiling fans too, but most are suggested for outdoor spaces like covered porches rather than in direct contact with the weather. Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans begin closer to $400, and many cost $650 to $1,500 based on size and features.


As you consider your options, ask yourself a few key questions. Here they are, with a few examples of structures that fit the bill.

What’s the budget?
Cost per square foot varies significantly, as shown in the chart of prices above. A low-cost option is a lightweight PVC vinyl or sailcloth cover supported with steel or aluminum poles.

The cost rises from there as you explore lattice structures made of wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. Glass and any solid cover containing insulation cost the most.

Would you like shade? Full shade? Partial shade?
Awnings, wood panels, and insulated patio covers give you full shade.

Lattice structures and pergolas provide partial shade.

But here’s a nice thing about these structures – You can include a soft vinyl or canvas lattice cover in your design that can be rolled out or otherwise applied for full shade when you want it.

What about maintenance?
Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum require the least maintenance. Hose them off and use a cloth to remove stubborn dirt as needed.

Galvanized steel might eventually rust anywhere, like fastener holes or where the coating is chipped to reveal bare steel.

Wood-covered patios will require periodic cleaning plus staining or painting every 2-5 years, depending on the harshness of your climate.

Freestanding or attached to your home?
Most patio covers come in freestanding designs or can be attached. Awnings are the exception. They must be attached to your home.


FIXR – $4000 – $12000
Home Advisor – $8,327 – $25,917
PatioCovered – $1746 – $13,629


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