Outdoor Shading and Awnings

There are many types of shading options to protect your family from the heat during the hot summer months. Awnings and other types of shading like gazebos, porches or pergolas not only provide protection from the heat but other elements as well, such as rain, cold and insects. The most popular shading project is the installation of an awning. Awnings can be as simple as the stationary type that come in all sizes and shapes and are ideal for occasional and portable use. Retractable awnings are attached to the edge of your home and come in automatic and manual models as well as some remote control options.

The range in price will depend on the options that you choose. Fabric awnings are not attached to your home and rely on a frame structure to support them. This is the perfect type of awning to choose if you are having a special gathering or if you routinely spend time outdoors but lack a covered porch area to congregate.

Outdoor Covered Patio

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