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Wood Burning and Gas Log Fireplaces for your Home

Modern Livingroom

Modern Livingroom

Most homes built since 2012 have at least one fireplace whether it is wood burning or gas logs. Fireplaces can range in price from a fairly inexpensive set of gas logs to a floor to ceiling fireplace and mantel. According to the National Association of REALTORS 2013 survey, about 40% of home buyers would pay around $1,500 extra to have a home with a fireplace. However, the primary reason you may want to install a fireplace or gas log fire would be for the comfort and beauty. A good set of gas logs can cut your heating bill by at least 20%, so you should compare your cost versus savings. Installing gas logs can be performed by a homeowner, but unless you have experience with gas, it should be done by a professional. Fireplace installation or repair should always be completed by a specialized contractor.

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