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Painted Garage Floor with Open Door

Painted Garage Floor with Open Door

There are a few different types of garage flooring options available; including epoxy paint, concrete, sealers, acid stains and snap lock tiles. Concrete flooring can be easily stained with a wide range of color options. Staining a concrete floor is generally the least expensive option because it can be done without the need for a contractor, but it doesn’t offer your floor much in the way of protection. There is also the option of floor paint or other coatings that are very durable and will resist most stains and damage from corrosive chemicals.

Epoxy floors and porcelain tile are by far the most durable flooring options, but epoxy can be difficult to work with and good floor prep is essential to make sure it goes on correctly. Tile floors are an expensive option but are good floors to install if you have a lot of floor damage or places where you have had to repair cracks. Both options immediately make your garage look brand new. All of the options listed can be completed by a homeowner, but if considering epoxy, you may want to hire a flooring contractor.

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