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Hardwood Floor Finished Attic Space

Hardwood Floor Finished Attic Space

Adding hardwood floors to your home can immediately change the look and overall feel of a room. The two main types of wood flooring are solid hardwood and engineered flooring. Solid hardwood flooring has many advantages, such as its durability and the ability to choose and change the finish over the lifetime of the product. However, solid hardwood has limited uses, perfect for the bedroom, living room or den but shouldn’t be installed where there will be moisture or the chance of spills. Slightly less expensive than solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood has gained in popularity in recent years. The primary reason is because it can used in rooms where solid hardwood should not, like bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Depending on the type of wood flooring you install you can change the feel of a room from warm and cozy to very formal and elegant. Engineered wood flooring is quite easy for homeowners to install with the proper tools, but solid hardwood is best left to a professional.

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