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Heated Floor Underlayment

Heated Floor Underlayment

Radiant or heated flooring is becoming one of the most popular updates that homeowners are making when renovating a family room, bedroom or bathroom. Heated flooring has many advantages because it is much more efficient than baseboard heating, and some forced air heating, because there is no heat loss due to leaky ducts. For those families that suffer from sever allergy, radiant flooring can also help eliminate allergens being distributed through the air. There are three basic types of heated flooring; air heated, electric heated and hydronic. Since air can’t hold a large amount of heat this type is rarely used in a residence. Electric heated flooring can be costly and add to your energy costs, so it’s not typically used in large areas and reserved for bathroom remodeling projects. Hydronic radiant floor heating is by far the most popular and cost effective for heating a large space and is often used in residential homes. For the most part, the installation of heated floors should be completed by a flooring expert.

On this page of RenoCompare.com, review pictures of heated floors installed and replaced by other homeowners and contractors. Get ideas for your own project, or share a completed project of your own.

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    • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard or forced air systems. Rather than just blowing hot air around the room in bursts, radiant systems slowly and steadily charge the floor with heat, keeping it where you want it, longer. Hydronic, or water-circulating, radiant systems are best for new construction or large additions. Electric radiant is an easy option for a smaller space like a bathroom and uses less than 15 cents of electricity per day!
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    • Tired of those cold floors that give you the chills? Here's a great way to install heated flooring! Find out how inexpensive this priceless upgrade really is! The best part, you can Do-it-Yourself! Would you want heated floors in your home? Click the Pin to read the Article.
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