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A Home for Christmas

A Home for Christmas

Celebrating a public holiday or special family occasion is a chance to transform your home for the day. The 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and family birthdays, to name a few, all offer the opportunity to craft and create DIY decorations that you can keep and use year on year. They’re a great project to do with all the family or as a way of expressing your creative imagination…and they don’t need to cost you very much except your time.

If you’re not crafty and the thought of making your own decorations seems overwhelming then fear not, there are plenty of store bought options for you to choose from as well. The main thing is to get into the spirit of the day and enjoy some priceless memories with family and friends. And of course who doesn’t enjoy a quick and complete home remodel several times a year!? Dining rooms and family rooms are the obvious choice for a holiday makeover, but don’t forget the festive fun you can have on the porch or front garden. Homemade bunting, wreaths, flags and table decorations are all great projects to get your inspiration flowing.

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