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Modern Galley Style Kitchen

Modern Galley Style Kitchen

The addition of new kitchen lighting can not only make it easier to see what you are cooking, but can transform the entire area. There are many types of lighting you can add during a kitchen remodel and it is one of the best ways to update an older area.  Lighting comes in four basic types; ambient, task, accent and decorative. Under counter lighting, or task lighting can be used to illuminate countertops or serve to give better lighting when preparing dinner. Pendant lights, or accent lighting, usually showcase a kitchen island or bar area and come in many types and sizes. Ambient lighting is used to bounce lighting off of walls and ceilings and used as “extra” lighting that can stay lit all day and evening, like wall sconces. Decorative lighting is used to add an interesting accent and bring in other rooms which can be seen from the kitchen. Depending on your choices, lighting can be costly, so do your research in advance to get the best use out of your budget.

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