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Outdoor Firepit with Seating

Outdoor Firepit with Seating

If you decide to remodel your back deck or patio the addition of a firepit can add a beautiful focal point to relax around with friends and family. Firepits can serve to provide warmth, but they can also be converted to incorporate  an outdoor refrigerator or even a cooktop.  There are many types of outdoor firepit styles to choose from and plenty to think about.

First, you have to take into consideration the size of the area you have because you need to consider room for seating. If you have a small area you can get a cauldron firepit or chiminea that requires only a propane bottle or tank and is very easy to install. If you have a large area, consider one built on the spot with brick pavers or stones. This particular type of firepit usually requires that a gas line is run underground and should be installed by a specialized contractor.

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