Recessed Lighting and Fixtures

If you want to showcase your home without large lighting fixtures then recessed lighting is for you. Also called can lighting or down lights, they are a good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. They work especially well in family rooms or basements where ceilings tend to be low. There are several different types of trim for recessed lighting and the choice should be based on your style and taste.

The most common type is a simple 1 inch trim and are commonly used in dens and family rooms. Eyeball trim is used to illuminate a particular wall or as accent lighting and can be turned to focus wherever you want. Lighting with wall wash trim has a shield over half the light to evenly focus light on a specific feature such as a fireplace or a painting. Shower trim is used in bathrooms and showers and has tempered glass for safety. There also a large variety of colors to choose from so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Modern Country Kitchen

On this page of, review pictures of recessed lighting installed and replaced by other homeowners and contractors. Get ideas for your own project, or share a completed project of your own.

Recessed Lighting Ideas

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