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Compare Prices from Top Brands and Calculate the Cost to Install Vinyl Siding

You know the benefits of vinyl siding such as its low-maintenance durability and handsome good looks. Now you’ve got questions about price: How much does vinyl siding cost? What is the price for installation? What factors affect the cost of vinyl siding?

These are the important questions answered in this vinyl siding price guide. We provide you with comprehensive costs, so you’ll know what to expect before getting siding estimates from installers. The information here will also help you save money on vinyl siding and installation. Below, you’ll find:

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Vinyl siding is the top cladding material in the US, so it’s a popular item at the big box stores and from online retailers of building materials. Most sellers carry good, better and best grades of siding to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Note: When shopping for vinyl siding, the price is often listed “per square.” In the building industry, one square equals 100 square feet. Simply divide the square price by 100 to get the price per square foot.

Here’s a summary of vinyl siding cost in square feet for siding panels. See below for the cost of accessories.

Home Depot $0.75 $1.35
Lowes $0.90 $1.30
Menards $0.50 $0.95
$2.95-$3.75 $0.95 $1.35

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Here is an overview of the top brands of vinyl siding demonstrating where each one positions itself in the market. The vinyl siding prices are per square foot.

CertainTeed is best known for products in the better and best ranges, though it makes affordable vinyl siding too.

  • CertainTeed Encore: $.95-$1.45
  • CertainTeed Board & Batten: $1.65-$2.15
  • CertainTeed Monogram: $1.55-$2.90

Alside makes a wide range of products covering all categories. Pricing is competitive, as shown below.

  • Alside Conquest: $.62-$.70
  • Alside Centerlok Dutch lap: $.95-$1.10
  • Alside Charter Oak: $1.60-$1.95

Royal Building Products, or RBP, has one or two vinyl siding lines in each grade, and most are available in a variety of profiles.

  • RBP Royal Crest: $.80-$.95
  • RBP Royal Estate: $1.15-$1.70
  • RBP Royal Woodland Board & Batten: $1.80-$2.25

Georgia-Pacific is a large company with an impressive range of vinyl siding products. The brand is carried by several home improvement chains including Lowes.

  • Georgia-Pacific Vision Pro: $.85-$.95
  • Georgia-Pacific Shadow Ridge: $1.10-$1.35
  • Georgia-Pacific Compass Dutch lap: $1.65-$2.00

Ply Gem makes its own brand of siding and owns several subsidiary brands (e.g. Napco & Mitten) too. Here are Ply Gem brand prices.

  • Ply Gem Eclipse: $.85-$1.10
  • Ply Gem Quest: $2.00-$2.25
  • Ply Gem Board & Batten: $2.30-$2.55

Exterior Portfolio makes vinyl siding lines for every budget. Each is available in a good spectrum of profiles and colors.

  • Exterior Portfolio American Dream: $.80-$.95
  • Exterior Portfolio Parkview: $1.30-$1.85
  • Exterior Portfolio Premium Pointe 360: $2.25-$2.65


In addition to the vinyl siding panels that cover the vast majority of your home’s exterior, the job requires certain accessories while decorative accents are an option.

Required accessories: $.40-$.75 per square foot for the total square footage to be sided. These accessories include starter strips to attach the first panel, finishing strips, J-channel for around windows and doors, frames for vents and plumbing coming through the wall, inside and outside corners to cover siding where it butts, soffit, fascia and nails.

Decorative accents: $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot for just the areas the accents will cover. These upgrades include decorative frames around plumbing and mechanical equipment, shutters, rail caps and shakes, shingles or scallops.

Materials deliver charge: $40-$100

Building permit: $50-$200 varying by community

Disposal of old siding: Up to $1 per square foot of siding.



It’s time to move from materials to installation.

Every job is unique, but a general overview of vinyl siding cost factors will allow you to determine where on the spectrum your home siding cost will fall. These are the factors that will determine how much you pay to have vinyl siding installed.

The shape of your home: Homes with a simple rectangle shape cost the least to side; homes with lots of turns, meaning more corners and walls, will cost more.

Single-story vs. two-story homes: When installers can work from the ground or a short ladder or scaffold, the work goes faster, so it costs less. The second story of a two-level home takes more time, so cost goes up.

The height of the gables: Gables on houses with roof pitches of 4/12 to 6/12 aren’t very high, and there are few small pieces to cut and install. This keeps the cost of labor down. The steeper the roof is, the higher the gables, and this means more labor. High gables on a two-story home increase the cost even more.

Who does the work: If installation is part of a package deal from a designer, general contractor or vinyl siding retailer, the cost will be on the higher sides of the samples below. If you get separate installation estimates directly from local installers, your costs will be lower.


The prices are in square feet of wall space (not floor space). The square footage of the exterior of your home is determined by multiplying the length times the width of every wall and adding the sums together.

For gables, you can simply multiply the base times the height, which will give you excess material that can be saved for potential repairs in the future or used to side a doghouse. Or, you can use the formula for determining the area of a triangle: A=1/2BH where “A” is the area of the gable, “B” is its base and “H” is its height.

Basic Vinyl Siding Installation Prices: $1.60 to $3.10

  • Rectangular single-story home plus garage
  • Up to 6 exterior walls
  • Standard gables (up to 6/12 roof pitch)

Intermediate Vinyl Siding Installation Price: $3.00 to $4.50

  • Rectangular 2-story or complex single-story plus garage
  • Up to 7 walls
  • Standard gables (Up to 6/12 roof pitch)

Expensive Vinyl Siding Installation Price: $3.30 to $4.75

  • Complex two-story home
  • 8 walls or more
  • High gables (steeper than 6/12 roof pitch)


A new home is the easiest home to side. There is no old siding to remove. The home’s sheathing, presumably, is in excellent condition, so no repairs need to be made. Easy means less expensive. The costs we’ve included here are for siding new construction. The cost to remove and dispose of old siding is $.50-$1.00 per square foot depending on the same factors that affect installation cost and the cost of disposal.


There are three keys to saving money on your vinyl siding project.

Choose affordable siding: Even siding of average quality is backed by a lifetime limited warranty against defects. It is colorfast, too, so won’t noticeably fade during its lifetime. On the downside, the appearance might not be as distinctive or the color as rich as you’d like. The siding might also be more prone to damage from wind, hail and debris. If those aren’t major factors where you live, siding in the “good” and “better” range rather than the “best” siding should be considered as a cost-reduction option.

Compare prices from local and online sellers: Shopping around is the time-honored way to save money. Compare prices on products you’re considering.

Get estimates directly from local vinyl siding installers: When vinyl siding installation is part of a package deal, even if it is advertised as “free,” you almost always pay more for it. Compare installation prices head to head, just as you compared the material. The best method of doing this is to request written estimates from three or more siding installers in your area.

There is another important reason to go directly to the installers: It gives you the opportunity to learn about the company and the experience of the crew that will actually do the work. When installation is arranged through a designer, general contractor or retailer, you lose this opportunity. Since the quality of the installation is crucial to the performance of the vinyl siding, choosing the installers is not a decision you should leave to someone else.

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