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  • 32 Colorful Painted Decking and Porch Ideas

    Blue and white stenciled
    Super pretty blue and white stenciled deck lends quirky charm to this yard.painted deck starterSource:

    We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with opting for a classic natural wood stain for your new decking addition but, before you do, take a look at these amazingly colorful painted deck ideas!

    A pop of color on your decking can really enhance the individual character of your exterior space: choose from cool sophisticated creams and taupes, bright and breezy blues or dramatically elegant black.

    Adding color to the floor of your porch or deck also has the effect of defining the space, thus making your deck a clear and separate “outdoor room” and giving your yard the illusion of being bigger than it is.

    Using paint effects will further enhance your home’s individuality: distressed and weathered paint effects on your exterior deck floor boards will help create a relaxed, laid-back feel, pretty stenciled patterns give off quirky bohemian vibes, whilst striped decking floors have plenty of playful charm.

    So which way to go? Get some inspiration and ideas from our pick of 32 best colorful deck and porch ideas below and see just how easily you can make your outside space suit your own personality.

    Stunning turquoise
    Recreate a relaxing vacation vibe with this stunning turquoise painted deck.stunning turquoiseSource:

    The cool and breezy aqua toned deck here is serene and inviting.aquaSource:

    Bright blue
    Pairing a bright blue painted porch floor with colorful eclectic accessories adds instant chicbright blueSource:

    Blue gray

    Whilst a cooler blue gray porch floor is elegant and graySource:

    Dark blue gray

    This dark blue gray painted decking is the perfect foil to the aquamarine door.dark blue graySource:

    Smart blue
    A smart lavender blue deck is a great contrast to the warm orangey wood tones of the wooden porch blueSource:

    Blue and white rug
    A blue and white painted deck rug and mismatched furniture give bohemian and white rugSource:

    Sophisticated and practical glossy gray is a great backdrop to sleek white furniture and walls.graySource:

    Gray checkerboard
    Layered monochrome patterns on the rug beautifully extend to the gray and white checkerboard deck.gray checkerboardSource:

    Gray and cream stripes
    Gray and cream stripes with pops of yellow accessories and plants make this porch fun and friendly.gray and cream stripesSource:

    Creamy taupe
    This creamy taupe porch floor paired with neutral and natural accessories offers casual elegance.creamy taupeSource:

    Warm taupe
    The welcoming warm taupe deck at this seaside house hints at the sandy beach below.warm taupeSource:

    Slick cream contemporary
    Cream deck matched with blue gray wall and chrome and fuchsia accents is slick and contemporary.slick cream contemporarySource:

    White traditional deck
    Classic white porch floor with comfortable furnishings and tons of plants make this outdoor space perfect for relaxing.white traditionalSource:

    Crisp white
    This crisp white deck floor is light and airy and party-ready!crisp whiteSource:

    Distressed White
    This distressed white porch floor and pretty, weathered accents is so very charming.distressed whiteSource:

    White lace stencil
    This gorgeous white lace stenciled deck is ideal for free spirits everywhere!white lace stencilSource:

    Black and white stripes
    Family-friendly black and white stripes leading up to the bright red door – such fun!black and white stripesSource:

    Wide stripes
    Whilst wider black and white painted stripes edged in aquamarine are lively and bold.wide stripesSource:

    Black and white stencil
    This black and white stencil adds definition to a sophisticated entertaining and white stencilSource:

    Classy black
    This glossy black porch flooring is gracefully classy.classy blackSource:

    Dramatic black
    Whilst this black deck paired with oversized fern-filled hanging baskets is fantastically dramatic.dramatic blackSource:

    Distressed black
    And distressed black painted porch with shabby chic accessories makes for a much more relaxed and rustic space.rustic blackSource:

    The deep aubergine stain used on this deck is the perfect contrast to the laurel green walls of this home.aubergineSource:

    Deep red stained
    This deep red stained deck is complemented beautifully by the red Japanese dwarf maple and vivid green plants.deep red stainedSource:

    The terracotta porch floor contrasted with bright blue accents perfectly balances this delightful outdoor room.terracottaSource:

    Orange rug
    A simple palette of bright orange, white and taupe creates an appealing space for al fresco rugSource:

    Red and yellow stencil
    Bags of personality defined in this superbly creative red and yellow stenciled and yellow stencilledSource:

    Whilst a calmer character is achieved in this citron green porch, which contrasts smartly against the slate gray.citronSource:

    Glossy green
    A more traditional feel is created with glossy green flooring and dark wooden farmhouse furnishings.glossy greenSource:

    Matt green
    Warm reds and carefully considered planting are well matched to the matt green porch floor, creating a welcoming space.matt greenSource:

    What about you? Does your deck say “Party-time now!” or is it more of a calm refuge from the craziness of urban life? Have you got a colorful painted deck or porch to share on RenoCompare?

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  1. Andrea Graff says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. It is clear that colorful decks looks great at home outdoors. The readers can gather ideas on various deck painting and coloring options from here.

  2. Olive Wagner says:

    I have a dark brown cedar house with cream trim around windows, and was thinking of paint the deck, which wraps around the house, a sage green – would this work. Thank you.