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  • 12 of the Best DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas


    October is just around the corner and fall is in full swing… it’s nearly time to celebrate one of our more eccentric family holidays: Halloween! Here in the USA this night for remembering the dead has come to be symbolized with all sorts of goblins, ghouls, monsters, witches and monsters, jack’o lanterns and trick-or-treating. It is a DIY craft makers paradise!

    Whether your Halloween style is kitsch and cutesy or full on macabre, there’s no end of things you can make to decorate your home. With even just a little bit of basic know-how and a heap of imagination, you’d be amazed at what can be achieved with a hot glue gun, a drill and a load of black paint! And mixing ready-made Halloween décor objects with homemade additions allows you to create a truly, horrifically, unique Halloween home!

    A simple search online for Halloween DIY decoration projects will bring up absolutely tons of pages of inspiring ways to cover your home with creepy crawlies, skeletons, zombies, and Gothic galore. So we’ve trawled through it all and picked the 12 best DIY Halloween projects – chosen both for how amazingly effective and for how easy they are to achieve.

    So, happy haunting everyone!

    1. Halloween Advent

    halloween adventSource:

    An easy-to-make countdown to Halloween board takes centre stage on a “frightening” family-friendly porch.

    2. Pumpkin Arch

    pumpkin archSource:

    Or how about this fantastic carved pumpkin arch to greet your trick-or-treaters? It even lights up at night!

    3. Eyeball Wreath

    eyeball wreathSource:

    Simple, effective and kinda yuck! This eyeball wreath is the perfect adornment for a minimalist Halloween door.

    4. Creepy Spider Sacs

    creepy spider sacsSource:

    These super effective, super creepy spider sacs are also super easy to make!

    5. Monster Mud Reaper

    monster mud reaperSource:

    This monstrous mud reaper would surely scare even the hardest Halloween nut!

    6. Spooky Trees

    spooky treesSource:

    These spooky Halloween tree decorations work equally well indoors or out.

    7. Zombie Window

    zombie windowSource:

    If you’re a dab hand at wood-grain paint effects then this brilliant comic-style zombie window décor is for you!

    8. Hanging Ghosts

    hanging ghostsSource:

    But you don’t need any special skills to make these low budget, but highly effective, ghoulish hanging ghosts.

    9. Illuminated Ghost Garland

    illuminated ghost garlandSource:

    And this illuminated ghost garland will also cost you next-to-nothing, but will make you look really clever!

    10. Mummy Lights

    mummy lightsSource:

    A fun and easy project to do with the kids: magical mummy lights!

    11. Harry Potter’s Floating Candles

    harry potter floating candlesSource:

    But for ultimate kudos from the kids, why not recreate the famous floating candles from the Harry Potter movie?

    12. Halloween Picture Frame Lanterns

    halloween picture frame lanternsSource:

    And finally – if you’re too cool to ghoul (!) – these Gothic inspired Halloween lanterns are a more sophisticated take on the holiday theme.